Manifest Your Own Dreams

By Bruce Parker, D.C.

You can dream about having wealth, but ultimately what you attract and accomplish will be the result of how you play your part in that dream. It is people with the vision of success who manifest success. Success minded people will hope for it, successful people have applied the active ingredient, ACTION! They realize a planned and definite objective must be established if you’re to accomplish anything in a big way. There is no achievement without a goal.

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. The second step is to act towards that objective. Planning and dreaming will cause emotion. Emotion fuels action. Action is what’s required for you to manifest the dream. When you are acting towards what it is you desire, with clear focus and certainty, the world will turn aside to let you pass, as long as you know where you’re going. Dreams give you a starting place. Goals give the destination. Action drives you there. Determine what you want. Decide on your major objectives, targets and destination. You will manifest your own dreams by first having the dream, decide to make it happen (goal) and take action daily to get it, not stopping until you have it.

It seems that most have a goal of a busier and more successful practice. To achieve it we must clearly see it in our mind, and then we will see it in physical manifestation. To achieve even higher goals we must become humble and see ourselves as servants. Willing to give of ourselves for the benefit of others. This is a form of release and an act of trust. Trusting in the universal principles, the same principles that we use everyday as Chiropractors. Knowing when we move the bone that GOD will do the healing.

The universe requires balance. If we give of ourselves unselfishly those we give ourselves to must give back, which is Universal balance. In the physical world we give the gift of life by giving an adjustment. We focus on our patients and see them as whole and healthy. They in return see us as the giver of this gift, and when they know the VALUE of the gift they will exchange energy to us, by exchanging money for this gift. The act of exchanging energy for energy brings balance to the exchange, and this exchange causes an expectancy of healing from the giver as well as the receiver. The act of exchange is in of itself, an action of healing.

To not allow a patient to participate in the exchange is to deny them true health. If they seem challenged by participating in this act of exchange, you must help them become responsible for the exchange, because they must participate in this act to achieve the healing (result) they are seeking.

By understanding this process it should then be clear that it is our obligation to demand exchange, which will then promote healing. Success then is in fact the result of your great intention, love and an act of healing. To deny your own success is to deny yourself love.

Financial and monetary success allows you to serve with no fear. You have no investment in a patient not accepting what you recommend because you don’t have to have them accept care so you can survive, you recommend what you feel is necessary for THEIR well being. When you practice with a need of money, you become NEEDY. When you practice within universal principles and truth you become FREE!

When we give unselfishly of ourselves, the universe responds with gifts of abundance. To have more patients we must focus on loving and serving and giving benefit. With this as our focus, the law of attraction sets up a tracking beam for your community to find you. When you focus on yourself and your selfish wants and desires, and the beam disappears, and it takes effort to build and rebuild your practice.

Chiropractic is not for you, it is for the world to receive. Let’s all focus this week on how our practices can better serve our community. If we commit to excellence for a cause greater than ourselves, and do so with love and appreciation for ourselves and our community, you will set up an attraction and the community will respond by seeking your service, no matter where you are located, environmental factors or changes in the economy. People want more health and vitality. Health and vitality is the benefit of a well adjusted being. Now let’s go and change this crazy world….. with Love!

Have a great week!

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Love, “Coach”
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