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Great Geniuses Dedicate Their Lives – Part 3 of 6

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Part three of the six part audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini speaking at a Parker Chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Part three gets deep into the topic… “Great geniuses dedicate their lives to integration. Integration between the parts of themselves and integration to the parts around them. They know that the world around them reflects the parts within them. So that means if you integrate all the parts inside you, you automatically draw the people around you. The people around you reflect the parts inside you. Anything you haven’t loved around you represents something you haven’t loved within you. Anything you haven’t loved within you is not integrated. Anything around you that’s reflecting that is automatically going to be something that dis-integrated. In the process of disintegration you sabotage energy and potential.”

Much of the content in this audio presentation is intended for chiropractors, since this two hour talk was presented at a chiropractic conference. The information is valuable to anyone in business or anyone seeking information similar to that taught in the popular video “The Secret.” Dr. John was one of the presenters in the film and much of what is spoken of in the video, is discussed during the two-hour presentation.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

This is one of the shorter audio clips of the six part series, running just under 12 minutes.Part one of the presentation is available here: John DeMartini Speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas

Part two of the presentation is available here: DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk Part 2 of 6

You can access all MP3 audio files posted to this blog here: chiropractic audio

“The more details… the Master is one who focuses on ever finer details. And the more details you have in the vision, the more details you manifest in your reality.”



  1. Thanks for posting this content! The audio with DeMartini is spectacular. Like being at the seminar again. Keep that audio coming!

  2. I’m working on it. There are more than 100 hours of chiropractic audio on one of the servers. Just a matter of time to get it all loaded online.

  3. Thank you!! Dr. Demartini is a blessing to our profession and the world. It is GREAT to see some new audio on Planetchiro!

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