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By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You may be wondering where the heck did all the mp3 files and chiropractic video files go? Most of this content was created in the 1990s and early 2000s and it’s been long overdue for an overhaul. Many of the formats (especially for video) are not compatible with today’s browsers and mobile phones. They won’t be gone forever though, preserving the legacy of chiropractic is too important, and I do intend to get most (if not all) of the content posted in up to date formats. For now, this post will serve as a marker that I will update as content gets added. I am working on audio first, format going forward is mp3, which I expect will be compatible for nearly everyone.

Chiropractic audio can be listened to here or downloaded and loaded onto your mp3 player of choice. I love having chiropractic philosophy (especially from these old school docs) on my phone.

Eventually, I’ll provided links to all the mp3 files that are available for listening/downloading.

UPDATE: The Ian Grassam 1997 post has been updated, a one hour mp3 to listen to or download.

UPDATE: 405 FWY Chiropractor Interview has been updated, see player/download link below.

Chiropractic Podcasting Dr. Mike& Mp3 Playback

Once upon a time, people used dial up modems to listen or watch this content (long before YouTube existed). I had to make files available in a number of formats since almost nobody in 1998 had an mp3 player. Many of the links on this page may not yet be functional, but I will update them so files can be listened to or downloaded.


Mission to Panama – Feb 2004 – The CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) 10th Chiropractic mission was completed on February 7th, 2004. In the outdoor lobby of the El Panama Hotel, we interviewed several doctors and individuals that were involved in the mission. There are 3 separate audio files, all in mp3 format. We discussed flow, volume of people adjusted, spiritual aspects of the mission and several other topics. Thank you to everyone that made this experience possible.

CREW February 2004 Interview 1 @ 64k
Running Time: 28.34 minutes

CREW February 2004 Interview 2 @ 64k
Running Time: 24.08 minutes

CREW February 2004 Interview 3 @ 64k
Running Time: 33.17 minutes

405 FWY – Chiropractors on the road – Doctors of chiropractic on the road – This podcast was recorded on Monday, April 3rd, 2006. Three chiropractors (Dr. Don Trepany, Dr. Robert Bates, and myself) were on the way to a chiropractic event in Orange County and I decided to record our conversations. The quality of this recording is not great but there are some good things discussed. Topics discussed include stuck thinking, things to go over on x-rays, why chiropractors fail, taking naps, high volume offices, and more. Both Drs. Rob and Don see lots of people and they had some great answers to my questions. Warning: material may not be suited for some audiences.

The photo above is of Dr. Michael Blum (a great chiropractor in North Hollywood, CA) and Dr. Rob Bates. Aside from my annoying voice (I was closest to the mic) and the background traffic noise, this material is quite inspirational.

Mp3 Download: 405 Chiropractor Interviews MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 23.47 minutes

Joe AccursoJoe Accurso, D.C. – Dr. Joe Accurso practices in Miami, Florida. Dr. Joe has been in practice for more than 30 years. He is a dedicated chiropractor, and speaks all over the US including regularly speaking on the platform of Dynamic Essentials. Dr. Joe is the founder of the original “Saturday Night Live” philosophy program, which has spread across the U.S. When asked, Joe stated “I want to use my knowledge and experience to help others do a better job.”

Joe Accurso Audio @ 28 & 56k
Joe Accurso Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 21.43 minutes


Fred Schofield, D.C. – Dr. Fred Schofield from Phoenix, Arizona talks to us about Chiropractic, Palmer College, Rugby, and the ADJUSTMENT behind all successful chiropractors.

“If you get your mind right on then all else will follow. You work on your innate, your innate has all the answers in your life. Focus on the flow in your life”

Fred Schofield MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 22.26 minutes

Stew Bittman, D.C. – Dr. Stew Bittman practices in South Lake Tahoe, California. Stew maintains a “Box” practice and we thought it would be great to ask him some questions regarding this type of practice. Stew occasionally writes articles for Planet Chiropractic and is actively involved in serving the profession, helping other chiropractors through the Gathering.

Stew Bittman Audio @ 28 & 56k
Stew Bittman Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 20.59 minutes

Tina Sigafoose, D.C. – Dr. Tina Sigafoose practices in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. As kids, while some of us were watching bugs bunny cartoons, Tina was doing spinal screenings, helping patients, and steadily becoming a chiropractor. Dr. Tina is an amazing chiropractor, maintains an incredible practice and has a great message for you.

Tina Sigafoose Audio @ 28 & 56k
Tina Sigafoose Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 27.49 minutes

Charla Quiropractica (Video) – This 30 minute video features Dr. Luis Ocon conducting a health talk at his office in Salinas, California. The talk is entirely in Spanish. Currently, you can only view this video using your RealPlayer and you must have at least a DSL or cable connection.

Charla Quiropractica @ 100 – 700K
Running Time: 30.07 minutes

Missions to Panama (Video) – This video is from the third CREW chiropractic mission to Panama. “When you start adjusting, when you get caught up in this thing, your going to find that as you move from person to person and you get to about the 100th or the 200th or maybe even the 300th person…”

Panama Mission III @ 250k
Running Time: 6.40 minutes

Mission of Chiropractic Intro (Video) – This video clip is an intro to Dr. Stew Bittmans “Mission of Chiropractic” video. It features a 5 minute photo display from the third CREW chiropractic mission to Panama and then fades into Dr. Stews health talk.

Intro to Mission of Chiropractic @ 250k
Running Time: 11.43 minutes

Douglas Di Siena at the Crystal Cathedral (Video) – Featuring Douglas Di Siena D.C., F.I.C.A., co-author of the book “Possibility Living” and Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller of the worldwide televised program titled the Hour of Power.

Millions of viewers across the globe tuned in to watch the program that featured two very moving chiropractic testimonials by these gentlemen. Dr. Doug stated that he felt it was “God’s Plan” that he became a chiropractor.

Crystal Cathedral Video @ 200k
Running Time: 6.31 minutes

Sharon Gorman, D.C. – Dr. Sharon Gorman introduces us to the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“Take the bone off the nerve and get out of the way so God can do the healing. The adjustment is so simple but for some reason the challenge in chiropractic is not about giving the adjustment. You are all going to figure out how to move the bone. The ones that are most successful are the ones that can share chiropractic with people in such a way that it motivates them into becoming lifetime patients.”

Sharon Gorman MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 36.32 minutes

Steven Eledge, D.C. – Dr. Steven Eledge was the second speaker of the day at the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“We should not be building bridges, we should be building walls. That old adage that we have to build bridges really has nothing to do with principle or patients, or caring, or God.”

Steve Eledge MP3 Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 18.23 minutes

Bruce Parker, D.C. – Dr. Bruce Parker speaks at the FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Newport Beach, California.

“What I found out was that anything on this planet can be communicated with intention.”

Bruce Parker Part 1 ASF Audio @ 28 & 56k
Bruce Parker Part 2 ASF Audio @ 28 & 56k
Running Time: 18.54 minutes
Running Time: 35.05 minutes

Ernie Landi, D.C. – Dr. Ernie Landi recorded live on October 6th in Eatontown, NJ at a New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend.

“Most of you think you are going to live forever. If you didn’t think that you’d be out there telling the story right now because time is of the essence. Stop fooling yourself, we have a big job to do. Take a stand, take a stand for something, something worthwhile. Communicate this message of chiropractic to the world.” – Dr. Ernie

Ernie Landi Audio @ 28 & 56k
Ernie Landi Audio @ 128k
Running Time: 16.13 minutes

Lou Panuccio, D.C. – “Perhaps within a short driving distance of this hotel there are probably at least a couple of hundred chiropractors who are confused, have no identity, who are failing in practice, and so desperately need what we are talking about here.” – Dr. Lou

Lou Panuccio Audio @ 28 & 56k
Lou Panuccio Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 27.33 minutes

Dean Sottile, D.C. – Recorded in May of 2001 at a Focus Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend, Dr. Dean Sottile shares his message of chiropractic with all that will listen. “Put your faith in God and not in man.”

Dean Sottile Audio @ 28 & 56k
Dean Sottile Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 22.13 minutes

Shawn Powers, D.C. – Recorded in January of 2001. Dr. Shawn Powers takes the stage to share the message of having a never ending commitment to chiropractic. Get ready to get out of your seat for this one. Turn it on and turn it up!

Shawn Powers Audio @ 28 & 56k
Shawn Powers Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 49.06 minutes

Ian Grassam, D.C. – In January of 1997, Dr. Ian Grassam spoke to a group of students at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. In his talk Dr. Grassam asks students… “At what part in your life do you think it gets easy?”
Ian’s message is powerful and can now be listened to by every chiropractic student on the planet.

Ian Grassam Audio @ 28 & 56k
Ian Grassam Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 25.44 minutes

Sharon Gorman, D.C. – Thanks to the giving spirit at New Beginnings, we are happy to bring you streaming audio recorded at the September 2000 New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend in Eatontown, New Jersey.

During this 17 minute audio clip, Dr. Sharon talks to use about her kids, her patients, and chiropractic. Do people need to have an excuse in order to be adjusted?

Sharon Gorman Audio @ 28 & 56k
Sharon Gorman Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 17.44 minutes

Bob Tarantino, D.C. – This audio segment was also recorded at the September 2000 New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend in Eatontown, New Jersey.

“The practice of chiropractic cannot be restricted to the physical correction of the vertebral subluxation. It must emphasize the education to a different way of thinking, perpetuating the inside-out philosophy that will ultimately change the world.”

Bob Tarantino Audio @ 28 & 56k
Bob Tarantino Audio @ 64k
Running Time: 13.11 minutes

Danita Thomas Heagy, D.C. – Spend a few minutes with one of the world’s greatest chiropractors.

Dr. Danita talks about “being all you can be.” She shares her story about how she became a chiropractor and what lessons she learned along the way to becoming a DC. She also shares some other important words of wisdom. A must listen message for chiropractic students.

Danita Thomas Heagy Audio @ 28k
Danita Thomas Heagy Audio @ 56k
Running Time: 6.57 minutes

James Sigafoose, D.C. – Recorded live in York, Pennsylvania and digitally mastered. An excellent chiropractic talk.

“There is an attitude about health in this country that medicine and drugs, or drugs I should say, and surgery, is the answer to health. I’m going to tell you tonight, or this afternoon, that that’s not true. Now for some of you that is going to sting a little bit. But that’s the way it will have to be.”

Sigafoose Audio @ 28 & 56k
Running Time: 31.54 minutes

Reggie Gold, D.C. – Recorded in Orange County, California in December of 2000.

What are you going to do next year to make you a better chiropractor than you were this year? If you can decide that, we have moved everything forward. If you don’t decide that… then, very easily your going to get up next year, your going to do the same damn thing and your going to say “well I’m helping my community” and it’s true, “I’m a good chiropractor” and it’s true. But you could be better.

Reggie Gold Audio @ 28 & 56k
Reggie Gold Audio @ 300k
Running Time: 22.12 minutes


New Mp3 Plugin for Chiropractic Audio Talks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’d been putting off an upgrade for weeks because the plug-in that was installed for our current chiropractic audio posts made to the blog, were using a plug-in that was no longer supported on the upgraded blog platform.

We converted over to the new audio plug-in today and I thought I would put together a list of some MP3 chiropractic audio recordings so you can have them all in one place. I’m also adding two previously unreleased audio presentations from this past September’s New Beginnings conference in New Jersey. The speakers featured in the audio files are chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Chuck Ribley.

innate insideThe image to the left was created around the time this first audio presentation was recorded. 9 posts have been updated and the other two audio files will be added below.

Ian Grassam Chiropractic Audio 1997

New Jersey Chiropractor Gives Chiropractic Talk

Chiropractor Sid Williams Dedicates Life West

John DeMartini Speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas (part one of the six part series)

DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk Part 2 of 6

Great Geniuses Dedicate Their Lives – Part 3 of 6

True Healing Consciousness Secret Exposed (part four of the six part series)

I Believe That Our Life is Magnificent (part five of the six part series)

Philosophy and Art and Sciences and Religions (part six of the six part series)

The other two audio presentations are available for listening right here. They haven’t been posted anywhere else on as of yet, so save this page if you’re planning on listening to them again.

The first presentation features Dr. Sharon Gorman and it’s just under 25 minutes long…


The 2nd presentation features Dr. Chuck Ribley and it’s just under 30 minutes long…


Maybe with this new plug-in installed we will get more of these audio presentations posted online. There is probably 100 hours or more, of recorded audio featuring chiropractic speakers across the globe, sitting on hard drives and old DATs in my home-office. I think there’s also a boxful of cassette tapes somewhere.

Many thanks to the chiropractors that have provided these audio presentations or allowed us to record them live at conferences and events.

Philosophy and Art and Sciences and Religions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

As it turns out, this is the long-awaited part #6 of an audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini which was recorded at a Parker Chiropractic conference in Las Vegas, Nevada during January of 2001.

Here’s a brief transcript from the opening… I was sitting there on the floor when I was 18 years old, and I’d locked myself in my room, and I was studying, because I had dedicated my life to studying in mastering the art of speaking, and understanding, and reading, and learning. I locked myself in the room and I started studying the laws of the universe. My uncle who was a professor sent me two giant crates full of boxes to help me study, philosophy and art and sciences and religions of the world. And as I was sitting there I came across Godfrey Wilhelm Leibniz, this great philosopher, and this great theologian, and astronomer, and mathematician who wrote the calculus. He said that there is a divine perfection. A divine magnificence. A divine beauty. His science and methodology he said that the whole universe is filled with substance and parts. And all the parts themselves, have the whole universe within. In his mathematics he found between 0 and 1 had an infinite number of fractions so therefore the infinite within the infinite. That every part had the infinite whole. The infinite oneness.

Audio should be available below via and online MP3 player. Links to all six parts of this audio series are provided as well.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

I recorded this presentation personally on a Tascam Dat recorder back in January 2001. More than seven years later, it’s still a great presentation, loaded with motivational and thought-provoking topics.

Chiropractors can search dozens of archived news posts with topics related to Parker and other chiropractic seminars. Continuing education and conference information can be viewed here and here. Those listening to the audio series are welcome to share comments on any of the six related chiropractic blog posts.

I Believe That Our Life is Magnificent

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is segment number five of a six part audio series featuring chiropractor, Dr. John D. Martini (featured in the film The Secret) speaking at a chiropractic conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I thought that all six parts had been posted, but two people recently reminded me that they could not find #5 and #6. Thanks for the heads up, glad someone’s paying attention!

An MP3 audio player should load below which will play part five of this presentation. Although the talk was presented at a chiropractic conference, and the majority of attendees were chiropractors, the material presented would likely be of great value to many individuals and other business professionals that enjoy this sort of topic.

DeMartini thumbnailHere is a brief transcription from the beginning of the clip: So I believe that our life is magnificent, I believe that our life is blessed. I believe that no matter what happens in your life, you want to find out how it serves you, and you want to put the pieces back in the puzzle. Cause anything you can not be grateful for the past becomes your obstacle in the future, and your bag is it weighs you down from your greatest liberation. So I believe that everything that is going on in your life is trying to guide you toward your mission, and in my situation that was one of those magical moments. Now I have another friend, somebody who’s connected to part of my past. I was also reflecting in my life not too long ago, and I remembered, I was thinking, how does that relate to my purpose? See you want to ask yourself how does every single thing you do, and everything you’ve done in your past, how does it relate to your healing power today.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…

Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

Here is another brief transcription from the audio: I don’t believe there’s any mistakes, I believe that there’s perfect synchronicity is Carl Jung says. The chiropractic genius, is one that recognizes the magnificence, the synchronicity, the perfection, in every event, in every person, place, thing and idea in their life. Now, to the degree that we don’t, we age ourselves, to the degree that we do, we enlighten ourselves. Our job is to shine, not to shrink. Our job is to be immortal, not mortal.Other parts from this 6 part audio series include:

I’ll update this when part six (the final audio post) has been added.

True Healing Consciousness Secret Exposed

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here comes part 4 of a 6 part audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini (chiropractor featured in the mega popular film “The Secret”) speaking to a live audience in Las Vegas, Nevada. The presentation was given at the Rio Hotel in January, 2001 and DeMartini spoke for a bit more than two hours. I was in attendance, recording the presentation to a digital Tascam DAT recorder, and posting news regarding the event live via my laptop, inside the conference room.

There’s no need for you to be a chiropractor to enjoy this audio presentation. The following is pieces of content transcribed from part four of this audio series…

How many of you are following along with me so far today? Can you relate to it? Can you see it in your own consciousness?

I had the opportunity to work with his great teacher. I wanted to know what the essence of healing was. I wanted to know what the great laws of the universe were. I wanted to know how they related to mind, body, and spirit. I wanted to share, and to teach, and illuminate people with it.

To help another person to find out their mission and go out and live it. I know inside of all of you there is the teacher, and the healer, and the philosopher, or you wouldn’t be inside this room. I was talking to Jim Sigafoose one time and he said he was so inspired one day, and so present one day, he had forgotten who he had touched.
He just walked the room, he couldn’t remember who he had been with. He was so inspired, but that’s true healing consciousness.

Count your blessings son because those that are thankful, and those that count their blessings, receive more blessings to be grateful for. They receive more opportunities. I find that some of the most amazing people on this planet are the ones that are appreciative, they are very grateful in their communications.

I believe that we live in a magnificent universe. I know that there are thousands of people out there, on television and everything else, that are focusing on what’s not working, focusing on the chaos, focusing on the problems, focusing on where it’s not functioning. But I don’t buy that. I believe there is an implicate order. I believe there is a divine design. I believe there is a divine perfectionism, and it’s our job to find it. We are reacting to life if we don’t, we are acting through life if we do.

End of transcription segments, enjoy the audio presentation…

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…

Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

Listen to earlier segments of this audio presentation. The very first post is John DeMartini speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas and it was posted in late August of 2007. Even though the audio presentations were recorded in 2001, we didn’t have them available online. This particular chiropractic audio presentation is just one of more than a hundred hours of audio recorded since around 1996. I’m working on getting as much of that information posted here.

The second part of the audio series was posted the first week of September and it is titled DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk. Part three was posted two days later, on September 6, and it has the title of: great geniuses dedicate their lives. Part three is the shortest part of the audio presentation series. Parts five and six are short as well and I plan to have them uploaded soon. When I do, I’ll change this last sentence so you have some direct links.

Great Geniuses Dedicate Their Lives – Part 3 of 6

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Part three of the six part audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini speaking at a Parker Chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Part three gets deep into the topic… “Great geniuses dedicate their lives to integration. Integration between the parts of themselves and integration to the parts around them. They know that the world around them reflects the parts within them. So that means if you integrate all the parts inside you, you automatically draw the people around you. The people around you reflect the parts inside you. Anything you haven’t loved around you represents something you haven’t loved within you. Anything you haven’t loved within you is not integrated. Anything around you that’s reflecting that is automatically going to be something that dis-integrated. In the process of disintegration you sabotage energy and potential.”

Much of the content in this audio presentation is intended for chiropractors, since this two hour talk was presented at a chiropractic conference. The information is valuable to anyone in business or anyone seeking information similar to that taught in the popular video “The Secret.” Dr. John was one of the presenters in the film and much of what is spoken of in the video, is discussed during the two-hour presentation.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

This is one of the shorter audio clips of the six part series, running just under 12 minutes.Part one of the presentation is available here: John DeMartini Speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas

Part two of the presentation is available here: DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk Part 2 of 6

You can access all MP3 audio files posted to this blog here: chiropractic audio

“The more details… the Master is one who focuses on ever finer details. And the more details you have in the vision, the more details you manifest in your reality.”

DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk Part 2 of 6

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here is part two of six from a Dr. John DeMartini presentation given at Parker chiropractic seminars, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out part one for articles related to the conference, and the link for the first part of this six part audio presentation.

Part two audio presentation is just under 30 minutes long and it’s encoded into MP3 format. Should play fine on any MP3 player, Apple iPod, an iPhone, or media device that supports the playing of MP3 files.

This part of the audio presentation opens with DeMartini saying… “great geniuses test their knowledge.” He goes on to say… “a master and a professional practices in between their performance, they test their knowledge, they test their learning.”

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

“The genius is one who sees beyond the illusion.” If you’re viewing this page via an RSS feed you may be to visit the web site in order to download and listen to the MP3 audio recording.

John DeMartini Speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve had these audio files stored in an MP3 directory on for 6 1/2 years. I realized I never did a blog post to the audio section, so many of you who are new to the web site, didn’t have access to the files.

This is a six part audio series featuring chiropractor, John DeMartini, one of the individuals featured in the virally popular film “The Secret.” With permission, I recorded Dr. John’s presentation at a Las Vegas chiropractic conference in January of 2001. I spent days editing out background noise, crowd noise, breaks during the session, and other audio interferences. The recordings became what I believe were DeMartini’s first live audio CD presentation, a discussion on Chiropractic Mastery and Genius.

The introduction is by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, current president of Parker Chiropractic College located in Dallas, Texas. Fabrizio was instrumental in getting this presentation (and many others) recorded, as he provided Planet Chiropractic full access at this spectacular Las Vegas extravaganza. I blogged live (today known as live blogging) content to the web site from the conference which included topics such as: you put your hand into a pot of glue, articles throughout the weekend from the seminar floor, looked like the best of the best, weekend wrap up, another full action packed day, World’s Greatest Athlete, understand the principle, and others that haven’t located yet.

Part one of this audio presentation is 26 minutes long. DeMartini talks about the concept of putting your hand in a pot of glue, and having the glue stick to it. “If you open your heart, and you open your mind, and associate with great minds, and great leaders, and great chiropractors, who are masters in what they do, it is impossible for that to not rub off on you.”

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…

Audio link is down – Will replace this link when mp3 file is available again.

Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

Topics discussed in the audio presentation can apply to any individual or business industry seeking self-improvement… “A genius is one who listens to the light of their soul and obeys. They listen to the inner message, the inner voice. They see an inner vision and they follow it. They obey their inner intuitions and inspirations…”

Information on part two of this presentation will be replacing this sentence when available online.

Chiropractor Sid Williams Dedicates Life West

Here’s a piece of chiropractic history for your audio listening pleasure. The 16 minute MP3 file features Dr. Sid E. Williams, founder of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia, giving a dedication speech in Northern California.

On Friday, July 28, 2000, Dr. Sid Williams gave a dedication speech for the opening of the West Coast campus of Life Chiropractic College. It was a hot and sunny day in Hayward California and there was a large crowd of chiropractors, students, faculty members, and chiropractic supporters attending the event.

Nearly 7 years later, Life Chiropractic College West, is considered by many as one of the top chiropractic schools in the nation. Much of that credit goes to Dr. Gerry Clum for his outstanding leadership, and to the faculty at Life West for exuding passion in what they teach.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

I searched the Planet Chiropractic web site and found an article from the Monday following the event. The article “The Gerry Factor & Life West Photos” talks about many different chiropractors that came to support the opening of the school. There was a rich and diverse group of chiropractors in attendance, including world recognized chiropractor such as James Sigafoose, Lou Sportelli, and Reggie Gold.

Doctors Ned and Sid Williams

Drs. Ned and Sid Williams wave to those in attendance at the Life West dedication.

Here is a brief clip from the article… July 28th, 2000 marked a monumental day for chiropractic in the new millennium as Life Chiropractic College West celebrated the opening of it’s new campus in Hayward, California. The event was attended by many great chiropractors from around the globe and was toped off by a fantastic weekend packed full of philosophy with the west coast return of Dynamic Essentials.

Find out what graduates of Life Chiropractic College West have to say about their education on the planet chiropractic school review pages.

New Jersey Chiropractor Gives Chiropractic Talk

The audio presentation here features Dr. Bob Sottile and a new patient orientation chiropractic talk that was recorded ~ 1990.

Dr. Bob Sottile was a chiropractor practicing in the state of New Jersey, from the 1970s to the 1990s. He was incredibly active in the chiropractic community, and was particularly influential in the development and increased awareness of chiropractic care in the state of New Jersey. Additionally, he was a warrior for chiropractic in the area of philosophy and politics. Along with several of his colleagues from New Jersey, as well as chiropractors in other states, he successfully petitioned, and worked diligently to see the creation of Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in Marietta, Georgia. Two of his three children became chiropractors, both graduating from Life Chiropractic College. Dr. Bob’s oldest son became a financial consultant and moved to the State of California, where he lives with his wife and four children. Their children have received regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments since they were born.

The audio presentation here was recorded in a chiropractor’s office in Atlanta, Georgia (I believe ~ 1990). The audio was converted from a videotape recording that featured Dr. Bob Sottile giving a new patient orientation in the chiropractor’s office.

Dr. Bob Sottile talks about when you use chiropractic, why you use chiropractic, and how you use chiropractic. He tells a story of an experience he had while in chiropractic practice that changed his life. He talks about how he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to educating people on the truth about how you get sick, why you get sick, how you can prevent sickness, how you can get well. Physically, spiritually, and mentally.

The presentation is nearly an hour long and Dr. Bob spends the first half going over statistics related to the health-care system, and one’s personal health and wellness. Dr. Sottile talks about allergies, hysterectomies, open-heart surgeries, high blood pressure, and the biggest fallacy promoted in health care at the time (that germs cause disease). Dr. Bob states in the presentation, “I don’t want anyone here to become a statistic.”

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…


Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

The audio for this presentation was provided to planet chiropractic by Dr. Dean Sottile, a chiropractor in active practice in the state of New Jersey. Audio was converted from videotape and encoded into MP3 format for streaming purposes. For those interested, there are a handful of the original presentations available on videotape.