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I Believe That Our Life is Magnificent

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is segment number five of a six part audio series featuring chiropractor, Dr. John D. Martini (featured in the film The Secret) speaking at a chiropractic conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I thought that all six parts had been posted, but two people recently reminded me that they could not find #5 and #6. Thanks for the heads up, glad someone’s paying attention!

An MP3 audio player should load below which will play part five of this presentation. Although the talk was presented at a chiropractic conference, and the majority of attendees were chiropractors, the material presented would likely be of great value to many individuals and other business professionals that enjoy this sort of topic.

DeMartini thumbnailHere is a brief transcription from the beginning of the clip: So I believe that our life is magnificent, I believe that our life is blessed. I believe that no matter what happens in your life, you want to find out how it serves you, and you want to put the pieces back in the puzzle. Cause anything you can not be grateful for the past becomes your obstacle in the future, and your bag is it weighs you down from your greatest liberation. So I believe that everything that is going on in your life is trying to guide you toward your mission, and in my situation that was one of those magical moments. Now I have another friend, somebody who’s connected to part of my past. I was also reflecting in my life not too long ago, and I remembered, I was thinking, how does that relate to my purpose? See you want to ask yourself how does every single thing you do, and everything you’ve done in your past, how does it relate to your healing power today.

Listen to the mp3 audio presentation here…

Note: The audio player for this blog was updated on Oct. 11, 2008.

Here is another brief transcription from the audio: I don’t believe there’s any mistakes, I believe that there’s perfect synchronicity is Carl Jung says. The chiropractic genius, is one that recognizes the magnificence, the synchronicity, the perfection, in every event, in every person, place, thing and idea in their life. Now, to the degree that we don’t, we age ourselves, to the degree that we do, we enlighten ourselves. Our job is to shine, not to shrink. Our job is to be immortal, not mortal.Other parts from this 6 part audio series include:

I’ll update this when part six (the final audio post) has been added.


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