New Mp3 Plugin for Chiropractic Audio Talks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’d been putting off an upgrade for weeks because the plug-in that was installed for our current chiropractic audio posts made to the blog, were using a plug-in that was no longer supported on the upgraded blog platform.

We converted over to the new audio plug-in today and I thought I would put together a list of some MP3 chiropractic audio recordings so you can have them all in one place. I’m also adding two previously unreleased audio presentations from this past September’s New Beginnings conference in New Jersey. The speakers featured in the audio files are chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Chuck Ribley.

innate insideThe image to the left was created around the time this first audio presentation was recorded. 9 posts have been updated and the other two audio files will be added below.

Ian Grassam Chiropractic Audio 1997

New Jersey Chiropractor Gives Chiropractic Talk

Chiropractor Sid Williams Dedicates Life West

John DeMartini Speaking at Parker Chiropractic Las Vegas (part one of the six part series)

DeMartini Parker Chiropractic Talk Part 2 of 6

Great Geniuses Dedicate Their Lives – Part 3 of 6

True Healing Consciousness Secret Exposed (part four of the six part series)

I Believe That Our Life is Magnificent (part five of the six part series)

Philosophy and Art and Sciences and Religions (part six of the six part series)

The other two audio presentations are available for listening right here. They haven’t been posted anywhere else on as of yet, so save this page if you’re planning on listening to them again.

The first presentation features Dr. Sharon Gorman and it’s just under 25 minutes long…


The 2nd presentation features Dr. Chuck Ribley and it’s just under 30 minutes long…


Maybe with this new plug-in installed we will get more of these audio presentations posted online. There is probably 100 hours or more, of recorded audio featuring chiropractic speakers across the globe, sitting on hard drives and old DATs in my home-office. I think there’s also a boxful of cassette tapes somewhere.

Many thanks to the chiropractors that have provided these audio presentations or allowed us to record them live at conferences and events.

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