Whenever I Don’t Listen

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Oh no, I have to write about this again. I never seem to learn or rather I learn and forget and learn and forget and learn and forget. Whenever I try to live God’s will and not my own I’m dog meat. It never turns out the way I wished it would and worse yet I have to pay a hefty price for the effort. It’s not that I don’t want to do good. I think most of us have fairly good intentions. I just don’t listen.

For me it shows up as a feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes I mistake that feeling for physical hunger and I eat something. Sometimes I know it is not physical hunger but I still eat something because I want to hide the feelings. When I eat, I stuff the feelings down. That stuffing is only temporary and boy does it come with a big price.

When I get that hunch about a person I can usually tell because if I don’t listen to innate then I feel uncomfortable in that person’s presence. In the extreme cases my skin will literally crawl when I am around them and if they accidentally or intentionally rub against me or touch me in any way then I can feel that feeling of wrong. Sometimes I want that to not be true about someone and I will try to make believe that I don’t feel that way about the person or I have even tried to justify why I feel that way about the person by somehow blaming myself. In any event I’m dog meat.

So why do I keep doing it? Why can’t I flow with the river? Why do I hold on to the sides? I think I forget. I think that I am in charge. That is why I need to pray every day. That reminds me. But what reminds me to pray?

I need to set up a system so that I can win. Here is what works for me. Every morning before I start my day I read a daily reflection from a meditation book. Every day. After I read the reflection I stop and think about what I just read. After I do that I thank God. I remind myself of at least 5 things I have to be grateful for and then I close my eyes, stop and listen. I meditate for sometimes as short as a half a minute and sometimes for a half an hour. I give my anger and my fear and my stress away. I surrender it. I come away clean and re-connected. I remember that I am small and the Higher Power of the universe is big — very big. I am never alone. My prayers are heard. I am safe and then I am ready and then on your mark, set, go.

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Sharon Gorman, ChiropractorWhenever I Don’t Listen is a Monday Morning Message from Dr. Sharon Gorman.
Dr. Sharon Gorman is a 1980’s graduate of Life Chiropractic College. She organizes a Local Chiropractors Focus Philosophy night the second Saturday of every month at the Howard Johnson on route 611, in Pennsylvania. For more information about the events you can call: (570) 476-7557 or visit the website at: http://www.focuschiropractic.com

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