Parker University Students Inspired By Chiropractor John Demartini

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DALLAS, TX — Dr. John Demartini, founder of the Demartini Institute and originator of the Demartini Method, recently spoke to Parker University students about clarifying their purpose, strategizing their actions, and living proactively towards their goals and dreams.

“When you prioritize your actions and do the things that are really important-you grow, learn, and expand,” said Dr. Demartini. “You also exemplify possibilities for other people to do the same for their lives.”

Dr. Demartini is a Chiropractor, human behavioral specialist, educator, and international authority on maximizing human awareness and potential. As an educator, he’s traveled 16 million miles around the world sharing his messages with others.

“Dr. Demartini is an individual that truly shifts the way people think and act for the better,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker University.

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Dr. Demartini told the students to determine what’s most important to them. After that’s determined, he recommended they align their lives, goals, and actions so they have the most congruent life plan.

He stressed the importance of dissolving challenges, overcoming obstacles, and managing emotions in order to stay focused and take charge of creating their dreams.

“If you have a mission and vision beyond you, you will not let fear distract you or hold you back,” said Dr. Demartini. “If your cause is bigger than your obstacles-the obstacles melt.”

He told the students to become certain in what they’re doing and live congruently and authentically with their highest morals. He explained that people will be magnetized to them because of their inspiration and authenticity.

“You’re the healers of the future,” said Dr. Demartini. “You’re the people that are going out there and making a vast difference in the health profession. Don’t forget the reason you were brought into the profession. Hold on to your vision.”

Dr. Demartini also advised students to hire specialists to do the things they’re not designed to do once they’re in practice, which will assist them in staying focused on their priorities and turning their dreams into realities.

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