Palmer College West Chiropractic Homecoming 2012

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Palmer West School of Chiropractic is hosting their Annual Homecoming on May 18-20, 2012 in Santa Clara, California. The program is titled: Vision 2020 – Planning For The Future. Palmer College of Chiropractic wants you to be a part of the VISION. Chiropractors can earn up to 20 hours of continuing education at this year’s Palmer West homecoming event.

2012 keynote speakers are Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D. & James Chestnut, D.C. Dr. Dennis Marchiori’s presentation is titled “A View Toward 2020: Palmer College over the Next Ten Years” and he will be speaking on Friday, May 18. The keynote presentation by Dr. James Chestnut, D.C. is titled “Evidence-Based Wellness and Prevention: The Foundation of Healthcare by 2020” and he will be presenting on Saturday, May 19.

Keynote Speakers Dennis Marchiori James Chestnut
Palmer West Keynote Speakers Drs. Dennis Marchiori & James Chestnut
This year’s West Campus Palmer College Homecoming 2012 is being held at the Hilton Santa Clara – 4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054. The Hilton Santa Clara hotel can be reached at (800) 445-8667.

Join Palmer College alumni and professional colleagues for a weekend of great speakers, continuing education, and networking on the Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus.

  • Presentations by the profession’s leading speakers
  • Information to implement in practice on Monday morning
  • Updates on the latest chiropractic products and services
  • Reunions, fellowship and networking
  • Up to 20 hours of continuing education creditAttend the Saturday Night Gala for an additional $50 and enjoy an evening of drinks, dinner, socializing and a Vegas-quality illusionist show.

    Palmer West Homecoming Chiropractic Speakers
    Palmer West Homecoming Chiropractic Speakers
    Included in the amazing lineup of speakers are the following chiropractors:

    Joe Biernot, D.C. – Alternative Treatments for Osteoarthritis
    Steve Capobianco, D.C. – New Direction in Core Activation
    Christopher Colloca, D.C. – Instrument Adjusting’s Neuromechancial Advantage
    James Cox, D.C. – Chiropractic Flexion Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation
    Ed Cremata, D.C. – Practical Applications of the Workers’ Compensation Laws
    Greg Doerr, D.C. – Narrative Review of Literature on Modern Taping Techniques
    Mary Frost, D.C. – Documentation and Coding: A Review and Update
    Tom Hyde, D.C. – Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation, Provocation and Motion
    Christine Goertz, D.C. – Pointed Questions from the Field for Chiropractic Scientists
    Bill Meeker, D.C. – Pointed Questions from the Field for Chiropractic Scientists
    Greg Kawchuk, D.C. – Pointed Questions from the Field for Chiropractic Scientists
    Craig Liebenson, D.C. – Is Chiropractic Out of Alignment?
    Anthony Lisi, D.C. – Chiropractic Integration in the Veterans Health Administration
    Bill Moreau, D.C. – Assessment and Management of Concussion in the Pediatric and Adolescent Population
    Dan Murphy, D.C. – Subluxation Neurology and Health
    Jennifer Pedley, D.C. – Radiography of Sports Injuries
    Brian Porteous, D.C. – Patient Education to Improve the Clinical Outcome
    Michael Schneider, D.C. – Muscle Pain and Dysfunction
    Franks Sovinsky, D.C. – Going Beyond Practice Mediocrity
    Wayne Whalan, D.C. – Developing a Healthy Practice

    Continuing Education – Earn up to 20 hours of continuing education credit at this year’s event. Credit hours available for States not requiring applications have been updated. Credit hours for States requiring application will be updated upon receipt of approval.

    Register for West Campus Palmer College Homecoming 2012 Today! Call toll-free (800) 452-5032 or register online at

    D.C. Registration is $180 until April 20.

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