Delivering the chiropractic news

(A Monday Morning Message by Sharon Gorman, DC)

Unconditional Love
I am writing this message between seeing patients this morning. As I sat down and thought about what I am going to write today I thought about the last few minutes in the adjusting room. I was listening to a patient who was basically telling me that the symptom she originally had come to me for has returned. She realizes it is because she got so busy and hadn’t been adjusted in several months. I knew this too. I listened as she outlined the pain again and I felt her pain with her. I felt bad for her and I wished I could make it go away instantaneously.

In the past I might have been mad at her for what she had done to herself after all the years that she has been getting adjusted. She did it again. I couldn’t be mad at her. I just stood there loving her. She is human and she made a mistake. God knows I’ve made mistakes before. Who am I to judge her. I can only hope that she will choose to stay regular with her care in the future but in that moment the best choice that I could come up with was to stand there and love her. Sounds very simple. It works.

As a chiropractor I am sort of like a newspaper delivery person. I deliver the news and they choose to read it or not read it. They choose to act on it or not act on it. I just need to keep getting better and better at delivering the news.

Have a good week.

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