What Do You Stand For?

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Tough question. What do you stand for in Chiropractic? Do you practice Chiropractic as a way of making a living? Yes. Do you practice Chiropractic as a way of helping people? Yes. Do you practice Chiropractic because you know from the bottom of your heart that your purpose is to serve God by serving man through Chiropractic? Yes. By giving your love and dedication to the principle of Chiropractic and the practice of Chiropractic have you gotten back what you have put out? Yes. Do you owe Chiropractic anything? Do you owe the patients anything? Do you owe the next generation of Chiropractors anything? How much do you need to give? Money? Referrals? Leadership? Support? When are you done? When do you get to just sit back and rest on your history? When do you get to stop?

When I adjust a patient and their spine is particularly tight and fixed I tease them that “rigor mortus is setting in.” Some of us have rigor mortus setting in to our Chiropractic lives. I have never been able to out give the “source.” I have never been able to give more than I have gotten. I have never been able to break that law. My life is abundant not because of what I have but what I have given. Chiropractic needs right now. Are we going to step up?

I always have found it easier to see twice as many patients than as half as many patients. If that makes sense. I love to be in the game. It doesn’t take from me it only gives. I fear rejection at all levels as we all do to some degree yet I don’t let that stop me. I listen to my innate. I follow my inner voice and my God always tells me to serve more, to grow not to shrink. This conversation obviously can effect every area of my life inside of Chiropractic and out. I look at where there is a need and I try to fill it.

I have sent dozens of “kids” to Chiropractic School over the years and I’m sure I learned more from each of them than what I taught them. Life University needs our support right now. We need students. We need to share what we so generously have been given. We need to share our love of Chiropractic so we can harvest more folks that would be great colleagues. I usually don’t ask for much but now is the time to pull together. By the way if you support Chiropractic through another school then refer to any school you feel comfortable with. The more Chiropractors out there teaching the principle the better. I always welcome other Chiropractors in my town if they are sharing the same message than I am. I wish all of the schools had the enrollment that they desire and I wish the same for Life U. By giving of yourself you will be richer – not poorer.

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