Black Crowes, Harmony, Soul, and Chiropractic

Black Crowes, Harmony, Soul, and Chiropractic
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was at a Black Crowes show tonight in Cabazon, California. In the spirit of reminding folks (myself) about the nature of relationships, events, and goings on in your world, I thought I’d share the following.

If music got to free your mind… Just let it go cause you never know, you never know
If your rhythm ever falls out of time… You can bring it to me and I will make it alright

That’s from the Black Crowes “My Morning Song”, and while it may have no meaning to one, it will mean many things to others. Some may have difficulty understanding the phrase, but most would just simply attach different meaning to it. Some would find no relationship to chiropractic whatsoever, and others will think… “right on.”

The chiropractic part (as I experience it): DD Palmers first published textbook on chiropractic, authored about 100 years ago, begins with the phrase… “Chiropractic… Founded on Tone.”

If your rhythm ever falls out of time… ever had an instrument go out of tune?
You can bring it to me… and it will be adjusted and tuned back into its intended harmonic fashion.

According to the science of physics, motion that repeats itself in a regular pattern over and over again is called periodic motion. Periodic motion is critical to the production of musical vibratory tones. The most basic type of periodic motion is called simple harmonic motion. Simple harmonic motion occurs in a myriad of different observable forms in the everyday world. As an example, a person riding a bicycle is in a state of harmonic motion. While different, an individual swaying while playing a guitar is demonstrating harmonic motion (as the Black Crowes did tonight). We (as a society) may not pay much attention to it, but movement of the spine also demonstrates harmonic motion. The vertebral system is designed to be in harmony, allowing nerve impulses to flow from above (in the brain), down the spinal cord, and from the inside (at the level of a nerve root) to the outside (away from the spine). The “outside” transmits the “sound” we experience or the vibration we feel as nerve impulses manifest themselves into physical form. That may seem way out there to some, but it’s not much different from the function of a guitar or other stringed musical instrument.

Nearly anyone can be trained to tune a guitar, and some have greater abilities than others. A philosophical question to ponder is can a guitar tune itself? To my awareness, musicians I know would say that if you do not introduce a specific and directional force (as in loosening or tightening a string) into the instrument, it will typically fall out of tune.

Yeah, I went from time to tune, but both are interelated in the creation of harmonics.

Don’t fall out of time or tune, see your chiropractor today. 🙂

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