Cola bad for bones in women

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Colas may be causing bone loss in women

A study involving 2,500 people revealed that drinking cola was linked with low bone density in women regardless of their age or calcium intake.

Low bone mineral density was seen in three different locations of the hip, and was seen regardless of age, calcium intake, use of cigarettes or alcohol, and even menopausal status.

There was no link seen for men at the hip and both sexes showed no decrease in bone density in spinal regions.

US researchers believe women who are regularly drinking cola beverages could be increasing their risk of osteoporosis.

In the study, men reported drinking an average of five cola beverages per week and women reported consuming four.

Previous studies suggested that cola consumption may be detrimental to bone health because it often replaces milk in the diet, but in the current study women who consumed higher amounts of cola did not drink less milk than others. However, the study reported that calcium intake from all sources, including non dairy sources such as spinach and other dark leafy greens, was lower for women who drank the most cola.

What’s the cause? According to the study, an ingredient found in cola called phosphoric acid might be responsible for the link, but the mechanism of how it decreases bone density is not yet well known.

One can wait for more studies to be done while their hips and thighs deteriorate into a osteoporotic blob of crumbling bone supported by high fructose corn syrup fed fat.

I’d have to say, based on the information coming in from various studies, that women of all ages should be decreasing consumption of cola beverages considerably. That’s my thoughts. But hey, it’s your health.

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