Monroeville Chiropractor Records 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Song

By Daria Belov

It’s said that true Pittsburgh Steelers fans bleed Black & Gold and Chiropractor Robert Fishman is one of those diehard Steelers fans. Not only does he provide chiropractic care to former players from the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’s recorded a Steelers music video that’s become a popular local hit. It’s even been featured on local news channels like CBS Channel 2 KDKA.

Russell Stuvaints - Pittsburgh Steelers - Superbowl XL(photo: screenshot from music video of former Steelers defensive back and special-teams player Russell Stuvaints sporting his Super Bowl ring)

This chiropractor appears no crazier than most spine adjusting football fans, with a diehard love for his favorite NFL team. The music video is titled ‘Bleed Black & Gold’ and it was created by Dr. Fishman and his longtime friend Lou Franconi. They call themselves the “basement brothers” and it looks like that’s where their music video editing gets done.

A news clip from Channel 2 News in Pennsylvania shows an interview with Dr. Rob Fishman and clips from his music video. It turns out the basement brothers have been creating Pittsburgh Steelers songs for years now, according to the news report.

Pittsburgh is a football crazed town and Dr. Fishman shares his fanaticism in a unique and creative way. The Pennsylvania chiropractor gets down and dirty with the nitty-gritty about the city that so loves their pro football team. Even chiropractors can have addictions, and Dr. Fishman’s is certainly the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not only does the spinal alignment specialist play guitar and sing lead vocals in the video, his staff makes an appearance as well. Also in the video wearing his ring from Superbowl XL is former Pittsburgh Steeler Russell Stuvaints. The former defensive back is a patient of Dr. Fishman’s and he asked to be in the video (it adds a great touch).

Fishman may need a chiropractor of his own, in the video you can see him fall over an adjusting table, which he tells news reporters he later developed tendinitis from. Any work for stunt chiropractors in the Pittsburgh area?

The song takes a jab at the Cleveland Browns (true to any Black and Gold bleeding Steelers fan) but the essence is to pay tribute to diehard Steelers fans everywhere.

For those of you in the area, here’s a list of Pennsylvania chiropractors that may be near you. Go see Dr. Fishman for a chiropractic adjustment, and if you’re a fan of the Cleveland Browns (or any other NFL team besides the Steelers for that matter), it’s probably better not to mention it. 🙂 @ 12:55 pm | Article ID: 1233176146