Seeing Yourself as a Success

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

We all see ourselves as being a certain way. I remember back in chiropractic college some students already saw themselves as being wealthy. These students had nicer toys and wore more expensive and/or wore more trendy clothes. They hadn’t worked a day in their lives yet but they were driving a nicer car than my dad drove. I looked at them and thought that they were really spoiled. They were already used to the nicer things in life. These same students seemed to carry themselves with their head a little higher, sometimes us other students saw that as them having their noses more in the air. It was probably a little of both. You probably had some students like this in your school too. I see now that they probably had wealthy parents who had taught them to expect the nicer things in life. Most of us resented them a bit and thought that they thought they were above us somehow.

I still know some of these people. They still drive nice cars and send their kids to the best private schools. They still see themselves as deserving the best that life has to offer. Is this bad? Is it bad to be prosperous and to have money for the things that you want in life? I don’t think so! I have a pretty strong work ethic that determines how I earn money so why shouldn’t I take the rewards of my earnings and use it how I see fit? Is it bad to drive the best car? Is it contra-indicated to my success to live the good life? Is it bad to be able to take my family on vacations to wherever I like? Why would that be bad?

Why do we teach our children that being wealthy is something that other people are, not ourselves? Why do we think it is good to do without? Why is making do- considered noble? It’s not. Granted it is a way to be, but it is not a way to be for me or for me to teach my children. I teach my children that they need to be a useful part of society and they need to contribute AND they deserve to have the best that life can offer.

It is awfully hard to achieve financial success if you believe in your heart that you are being greedy or worse yet you might not feel you are worthy. I think these feelings live in us as remnants of feeling like we are “victims.” When we see ourselves as victims we sometimes use this as an excuse to not create what we want for our lives. We settle for crumbs because we see ourselves as settle-ers. We can never become more wealthier than we see ourselves becoming. We are creating our realities from our thoughts and if we still see ourselves as less than . . . then we will have things around us that are less than . . . too.

How much is enough? There will never be enough if you are trying to fill that whole inside of you with something from the outside- including money. Successful is a way you need to see yourself before you can possibly create it. Net worth doesn’t necessarily coincide with emotional health or financial wealth.

First you see yourself as a success and then you become a success. It doesn’t happen the other way and on the occasion when financial success seems to hit first, it will not last if we don’t see ourselves worthy of success. Create the life you want. Love the life you choose. It all starts in our heads and how we see ourselves.

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