Two Healthcare Workers Die After Smallpox Vaccine

A second healthcare has reportedly died of a heart attack after receiving the smallpox vaccine. According to various news reports, officials are now investigating whether the smallpox vaccinations are to blame for cardiac problems that have been discovered in at least 17 people who have been inoculated.

Today, the U.S. House put off until at least next week a vote on a bill that would create a federal compensation program for health care workers injured or killed by side effects of the smallpox vaccine. What happens to those that have already been killed or injured?

According to the Washington Post, only 21,698 healthcare workers nationwide have received the smallpox vaccine. The plan originally called for 500,000 volunteers to be inoculated against smallpox. Many doctors and nurses have refused to participate saying the risks outweigh the benefits.

For months we heard that the risks were about as follows… “For every 1 million people inoculated in the past, one or two people died, and as many as 52 suffered severe complications.”

At this time, less than 22,000 have been vaccinated, two are potentially dead as a result, and more than 17 have reported injuries. You do the math.

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