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4 Steps to Chiropractic Music Business Success

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was at breakfast with a group of friends last Saturday and a conversation came up regarding success stories in the music industry. First, this is no ordinary group of guys talking about music. Second, I had my laptop. You may be asking yourself “what kind of a nerd brings a computer to breakfast” …that would be me.

The guys were talking about consumer behavior, monetizing music, artists that make money versus those that don’t, and success stories in the industry. For me, it’s hard not to listen to any conversation related to business and not think about comparisons in the world of chiropractic (and other fields of business).

The guys were just going along having their conversation and I was making some notes when Bob Ezrin said “there are four steps to success” in music. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Bob Ezrin is a mega record producer (often referred to as the Francis Ford Coppola of record producers). He produced Pink Floyd’s The Wall, about eight Alice Cooper records (including Billion-Dollar Babies and Welcome to My Nightmare), three records from Kiss (including Destroyer & Revenge), records by Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Kansas, Jane’s Addiction, and others. When someone like Bob says there are four steps to anything you bet I’m taking notes.

While what he said was intended for those in the music industry, I certainly felt that these steps could be applied to the profession of chiropractic, and many other professions as well. I don’t intend to hack what he said, just going off of my notes and adding some information as it was interpreted by me.

4 Steps to Success [insert name of your business here] – Ezrins tips on making a living

Step 1: Check Self – look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “will I die if I don’t do this?” If your answer is YES go to step two.

Step 2: Do it Well – Bob said that you’d better practice, you’d better train, you had better be the best you could possibly be. There’s no time for crying and there’s no time for whining. Get in and go to work on developing what ever skills it is you need to develop.

Step 3: Go out and find a bunch of people that love what you do.

Step 4: Ask your audience for help. – He used the rock ‘n roll band KISS as an example of artists that were revolutionary in asking their fans for help. While other rock ‘n roll bands were too busy being rock stars, KISS went to their fans, shook their hands, and asked them to help. The result was the creation of the KISS ARMY, a group founded by fans that pushed for radio stations in the United States to air KISS music.

I was a member of the Kiss Army and I remember having a patch sewed onto my jean jacket. Thirty something years later, KISS has apparently sold more merchandise than all other rock ‘n roll bands combined, including the Beatles. How’s that for success?

Like I said, I think you can apply these principles to any business, including the practice of chiropractic. Here’s my chiropractic version of Bob’s four steps to success…

  1. Check self – look in the mirror – will I die if I don’t do this? (this one’s universal)
  2. Do it well – be the best chiropractor you can possibly be – practice adjusting technique – develop your speaking skills – exercise – meditate
  3. Go out and find a bunch of people that love what you do (those are the people that come to your chiropractic practice)
  4. Ask your audience for help (create a chiropractic army in your community, ask the people that love you to help)

Thanks Bob!



  1. Hi Dr. Darausch,
    I just saw your Chiropractic version of Bobs 4 steps to success.
    I am a Chiropractor with three other Ezrin Chiropractors related to Bob Ezrin. Just noticed your article, and enjoyed reading it.
    Thank You.
    Gary Ezrin D.C.

  2. Hey Dr. Darausch, and Dr. Erzin: Great little article Michael, you should write this in one of our journals. I am about to go back into practice after being out of it for about 5 years. I want to and need to do this or I will surely die. I have gone for a board certification in atlas orthogonal chiropractic. Now I ned to find a bunch of people who love what I do. Then ask them to be part of my atlas orthogonal army.

    Thank you so much Michael, and wow what a coincidence that Bob Erzin has so many D.C’s in his family. Turn on the POWER!

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