LA Getting Spicy Hot with X Games 13

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today, LAX stands for Los Angeles X Games 2007 and not Los Angeles International Airport. Fans are rolling into town here in Los Angeles and Carson and practice runs for most events are over for the day. People flying past Carson may be wondering is that a plane? No, it was a Moto X rider performing a double backflip!

There has already been some reports of injuries with BMX Rock Star Chad Kagy winding up with a fractured collarbone and a few other riders moving slowly due to various aches and pains. That won’t stop most as these guys ride hard and they have plenty of time to be sore next week. The drop in from the ramp at the Staples Center is HUGE!!!

Some people to watch are Super Moto legend Chad Reed in Moto X and Travis Pastrana in Rally, plus Cory Nastazio, Allan Cooke, Ryan Guettler, and Ryan Nyquist in BMX. Great to see Cory (Nasty) this year!

Mike Dorausch and Cory NastazioPhoto: LAX Chiropractor, Michael Dorausch and Cory Nastazio at Big Dirt event in LA.

Check out EXPN for information about live coverage of the event and to view the X Games 2007 schedule. There’s lots of footage getting broadcasted online. We’ve got a gnarly photo to show you (Dirt Faceplant) but it probably won’t get posted until Saturday. Here is a post from yesterday X Games 13 and some Planet Chiropractic news from earlier today X Games 13 at Staples Center.

Back soon with more xgame updates!