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2012 Honda LA Marathon Elite Finishers: A Photo Set

Organizers for the 2012 LA Marathon were prepared for the worst of rain and inclement weather Los Angeles could serve up, but the Sunday morning sun shined and Randy Newman’s I Love LA played as elite marathon runners crossed the finish line on March 18th, 2012, in Santa Monica, California.

Misiker Mekonnin LA Marathon 2012With her left foot touching the finish line, Misiker Mekonnin takes 2nd place in the women’s division at the 2012 LA Marathon. Originally from Ethiopia, and currently living in Albuquerque New Mexico, Misiker Mekonnin completed the race with a time of 02:28:09 (2 hours 28 minutes and 9 seconds).

The first place finish in the women’s division was completed by Fatuma Sado of Ethiopia. In her 4th marathon event, 20-year-old Fatuma Sado busted through the tape at the finish line at 02:25:39. Fatuma shaved two minutes off of her previous personal best record, and ran fast enough to not only win the women’s division, but the $100,000 gender bonus as well.

Fatuma Sado LA Marathon 2012After breaking the orange tape, Fatuma Sado gestured in prayer and kneeled to her knees, kissing the asphalt of Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California. The 2012 gender challenge handicap was 17 minutes and 31 seconds. Elite marathon runners from the male division battled to overcome the time handicap.

Simon Njoroge was not far behind, but his time wasn’t fast enough to win this year’s race overall. Simon did win the men’s division, which included a $25,000 prize and a 2012 Honda CR-V (MSRP around $30,000). At 31 years of age, Simon Njoroge shows us that it’s not always the youngest runners that win the race.

Simon Njoroge LA Marathon 2012One step a way from running 26.2 miles, Simon Njoroge raises his hands in the air, as he crosses the blue and red line, breaking the tape at the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon.

The rain was not falling like it did during the 2011 LA Marathon, but the coastal winds were beginning to pick up. Several elite runners later told me they felt increasing winds negatively affected their pace during the final few miles.

Yeshimebet Tadesse of Addis AbabaWearing Bib F4, 23-year-old Yeshimebet Tadesse of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia finished 3rd in the women’s division. Her 2012 LA Marathon time was 02:30:46. Her facial expression shows a look of discomfort as she walks beyond the finish line photography rigging. With an average pace of 05:45:10 per mile, for 26.2 miles, the look does not at all come as a surprise. In 2011, Amy Hastings of Mammoth Lakes had a similar look seconds after she crossed the finish line.

Weldon Kirui of Kericho2nd place in the men’s division went to Weldon Kirui of Kericho, Kenya. The 23-year-old distance runner from the highlands of Kenya finished the 2012 LA Marathon with a time of 02:13:40 (2 hours 13 minutes 40 seconds). In 2011, Weldon Kirui was first across the finish line in the San Diego America’s Finest City Half Marathon.

Stephen Muange of Ngong KenyaStephen Muange of Ngong, Kenya maintains his stride as he crosses the finish line in Santa Monica. The 30-year-old distance runner was a 4th place finisher in the men’s division for the 2012 Honda LA Marathon. His recorded time was 02:15:35. Stephen Muange was one of the few elite runners that I noticed not wearing a timing device on their wrist.

David Mandago of Kapsabet Kenya6th place in the men’s division went to David Mandago of Kapsabet, Kenya. David Mandago Kipkorir completed the LA Marathon with a time of 02:18:43. At 33 years of age, he has a history of top finishing running accomplishments. His personal best time to date is 02:06:53 in the 2009 Paris Marathon.

Hailu Seifu of Addis Ababa EthiopiaWith both feet in the air, Hailu Seifu of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia glides across the finish line and through the crosswalk intersection of California Street and Ocean Avenue. 25-year-old Hailu Seifu completed the 2012 LA Marathon in 2 hours 17 minutes and 49 seconds. It was fast enough for a fifth-place finish.

Dereje Yadete 2012 LA MarathonWearing running bib number 5, Dereje Yadete made a 7th place finish in the 2012 LA Marathon. Dereje Yadete completed the marathon with a time of 02:19:16. The Nike sponsored Ethiopian distance runner specializes in half marathon and marathon distances. In the 2010 Istanbul-Eurasia Marathon, Dereje debuted with a 2nd place finish time of 02:11:53.

F10 Salomie Getnet of Addis AbabaSalomie Getnet finished the 2012 LA Marathon in 6th place in the women’s division. Finishing 2nd in P.F. Chang’s 2009 Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon, Salomie Getnet remains a serious marathon contender. Her posted finish time for the 2012 LA Marathon was 02:41:50.

Wearing a Bucks County Running Company running shirt and a bandaid across his nose, 28 year old Jeffrey McCabe (from Pennsylvania) finished the race with a clock time of 02:29:22.

Jeffrey McCabe LA MarathonJeffrey McCabe can be seen stopping the timer on his left wrist as he crosses the finish line. Most of the elite runners wore a timekeeping device on their left wrist. Jeffrey McCabe’s finish time was fast enough to put him on the top 10 leaderboard for male finishers in the 2012 race.

Tlaloc Venancio Mancilla 2012 LA MarathonIn a yellow Adidas running shirt, and a cap featuring the colors of Mexico, Tlaloc Venancio Mancilla points a finger in the air as he crosses the finish line during the 2012 LA Marathon. Living in Flagstaff Arizona, Tlaloc Venancio Mancilla completed the 26.2 mile course with a time of 02:30:55. On January 29, Tlaloc Venancio Mancilla won 2nd place in the men’s division of the 2012 3M Half Marathon.

Justin Patananan LA MarathonA local from Palmdale California, Justin Patananan (wearing bib number nine) ran the 2012 LA Marathon with a finishing clock time of 02:13:49. Patananan maintained an average pace of 5:06 per mile for 26.2 miles, from inside Dodger Stadium to the corner of Ocean Avenue and California Street in Santa Monica. A graduate of UCLA, Justin Patananan was a 2008 USA Men’s Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier and Participant.

Owen Kiely 2012 LA MarathonDressed in all black running gear and a pair of turquoise colored running shoes, Owen Kiely steps over the finish line at the 2012 LA Marathon. With an official clock time of 02:32:35 and marathon pace of 5:49 per mile, the 27-year-old Redondo Beach resident was another local Southern California to complete the marathon with an impressive time.

4850 Jonathan Garcia Fort Collins ColoradoWearing black sunglasses, black gloves, and a St. Patrick’s weekend green Mile High Track Club running shirt, Colorado resident Jonathan Garcia completes the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon with a clock time of 02:32:42. 30-year-old Jonathan Garcia is from Fort Collins Colorado, he finished an impressive 13th overall. When he’s not distance running, Jonathan Garcia works as an athletic coach at the Athletic Improvement Center in Colorado.

18410 Adam Nevens of ChicagoFrom Chicago Illinois, and running through the streets of Los Angeles, Adam Nevens (wearing Bib 18410 and a King’s Athletics running shirt) crossed the California Street finish line with a time of 2:33:41. Adam completed the 2009 New York Marathon with a 02:32:14 finish time and the 2009 Austin Marathon with a 02:33:48 finish time.

1697 Thaddeus Reichley Los AngelesA 37-year-old elite marathon runner from Los Angeles California, Thaddeus Reichley crossed over the blue and red line at 02:33:45. Thaddeus was only 4 seconds behind Chicago’s Adam Nevens, an impressive finish. The local SoCal runner had a 02:36:07 2011 LA Marathon finish time, and a 02:40:51 2009 LA Marathon finish time (Wesley Korir won that race).

18513 Ryo Ota Inzai JapanRyo Ota from Inzai, Japan is the final finisher for the elite marathoners featured in this photo post. The 20-year-old Ryo Ota wore bib number 18513 and completed the race with a clock time of 02:33:51. At 20 years of age, Ryo has plenty of opportunity to improve on his personal best marathon running times.

Continuing the Planet Chiropractic tradition of covering marathon running in the US, I was honored to be again among a group of photographers and journalists to photograph runners crossing the finish line at California Street and Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California. Sunday, March 18, 2012.

Check out 2012 Los Angeles Marathon Winner Photos along with my LA Marathon 2012 Flickr photo set. The photo set features hundreds of runners crossing the finish line, receiving medals, and celebrating their accomplishments.

Jenn Brown & Warren Sapp on Inside The NFL Showtime

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Sports enthusiast and former athlete, Jenn Brown, debuted tonight as a special correspondent on Showtime Networks Inside the NFL. The multi-talented TV personality and event reporter joined the program working with host James Brown and analysts Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders).

Jenn Brown in Blue Jeans I’ve been a big fan of Jenn Brown (she has great posture) since before she was a cheerleader show host on CMT. I’m also a big fan of Warren Sapp (MrsChiropractic is even a bigger fan as she is a Raiders fanatic) so this is pretty exciting news.

Jenn debuted tonight on the 9 p.m. et/pt program which is appearing on Showtime. She is going to be featured regularly throughout this year’s NFL season.

Jenn Brown has been a regular on ESPN, hosting events such as The World Series of Poker, NBA All-Star Weekend and X-Games for ESPN360 and EXPN.

I love seeing commentators that really know the sport and/or have a passion for the topics they are covering. That’s been the case for Jennifer Brown and I think she’s going to have a long healthy career in sports related broadcasting.

In my opinion, show producer Pete Radovich, and executive producers Sean McManus and Steve Sabol of NFL Films, made a great decision in including Jenn Brown in this years NFL sports program.

Warren Sapp is also a terrific choice as he brings humor and his defensive tackle perspective to game coverage. There’s plenty of former NFL Quarterbacks (like 15-year NFL veteran Phil Simms) covering news in the NFL but not enough people with viewpoints like those of Warren Sapp.

Inside the NFL airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on Showtime through February 11, 2009. Be sure to check it out!

Superbowl Kickoff & 2008 Super Bowl Guide

by Michael Dorausch

If you’re looking for today’s Superbowl time, information about today’s Superbowl schedule, Super Bowl commercials (including Candace Michelle), or Super Bowl recipes, we’ve got it here in our Guide to 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl XLII. Check that article for nearly all the information you need related to today’s 2008 Super Bowl XLII game.

This post is about our behavior as humans and how we are using search engines to locate information. Did you know that more people search Superbowl as opposed to Super Bowl. Do you see the difference? According to research I’ve done this weekend, most searchers are using the one-word version of the term, when it’s actually a two word term. What does this mean to you? It means a lot if you operate a website and are looking to attract visitors.

2008 Super Bowl time

I took this screenshot earlier this morning on Google’s hot trends page. There were a hundred results but I’m only showing the top eight. Notice number two is for superbowl time, #4 is for superbowl kickoff, and numbers 5, 6, 7, and eight are all related to today’s game start time.

I’m fascinated by this stuff. With hot trends, we have an opportunity to see how large groups of people think. If you’re paying attention some of this information becomes predictable. If you’re an online journalist or a blogger, you can craft your posts in advance and increase the odds that your site will receive more traffic.

Don’t think you can just make a worthless post that doesn’t have any value. The 2008 Super Bowl guide posted to Planet Chiropractic yesterday was loaded with valuable and relevant information, and the article received a significant amount of traffic throughout the day Saturday. It still sits at the top of Google News results for many Super Bowl related terms at the time of this posting.

I’ve covered this topic before, with a trends post about election 2008. I’ve taken screenshots at Thanksgiving which showed almost every popular term being searched that day being related to cooking. So if you prepare news on a regular basis, or post regularly to your blog, you can tap into this collective thinking and begin to better anticipate what people will be searching for the upcoming months, weeks, days, and hours.

While yesterday and this morning people were searching for Super Bowl recipes and Super Bowl kickoff time, as the day goes on those searches are going to change considerably. People are going to be searching for more details related to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. I’m already seeing searches appear for terms like New York Giants colors (which are Royal Blue, Red, Gray, and White) and New England Patriots colors (which are Nautical Blue, New Century Silver, Red, and White).

Depending on how the game goes it will begin searches for terms like the perfect season, 19 and 0, or 19-0. No doubt people will begin searching for the term Tom Petty after the Super Bowl halftime show. They’ll also be searching for the godaddy girl, not knowing her name is Candace Michelle. And even with millions and millions of people watching today’s game I think it’s pretty safe to predict that one of the top searches being made tonight will be: who won the superbowl which will be more popular than who won the Super Bowl.

If I had the answer to that prediction I’d be in Las Vegas.

GPS Fitness Trainers For Better Performance

Michael D.By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Along the concrete and asphalt paths of Venice, Santa Monica, and other coastal parts of West Los Angeles, people have been increasingly turning out for early morning training runs in preparation for the March 2008 Los Angeles Marathon.

During my morning visits down to the beach I’m seeing increased numbers of people training in groups. The 22nd annual LA Marathon is taking place on March 2 of this year and those groups are likely to grow in size during the next 45 days or so.

But what if your training alone?

Garman forerunner 201 I’ve been running the shoreline between Marina del Rey and the Santa Monica pier for the past seven years and one of the best things I’ve ever done is purchase a GPS fitness trainer to keep track of my progress.

The one shown here is an older model known as the Garmin 201. I’ve logged hundreds of miles on it and it’s been absolutely spectacular in helping me to keep my training schedule in check.

There are newer models from Garmin, such as the 301 (which includes a heart rate monitor) and the 305 (which appears more like a wrist watch than the model shown here).

If I were to buy new one I’d likely get the 305 model since it appears so small.

I’ve written tips on marathon training in the past, and I’ve had posts about the 2006 LA marathon, the Nike women’s marathon in San Francisco, the New York City marathon 2007, and other related marathon posts. I’ve mentioned time and again about the importance of measuring one’s performance and tracking your goals. The GPS based unit has helped me improve my running times and provided all sorts of stats (like miles run in the past year) that help keep me motivated to continue moving forward.

This morning I noticed that fellow blogger Ross Dunn had the ADEO GPS Fitness Trainer on his wish list. I hadn’t seen this device before but it looks pretty snazzy. I don’t know how it compares to the Garmin but maybe Ross will get one and provide us with a review.

As a chiropractor and an avid runner, I’m not particularly crazy about running on concrete (as I see many people doing down at the beach). Make sure you are getting fitted for the appropriate type of running shoes, especially if you’re going to be impacting hard surfaces for long periods of time. I posted in the past about Adidas locations that provide orthotic foot scanning.

Have a great run!

Lucky 13 X Games Fall for Skater Jake Brown

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Big Air Skateboarder Jake Brown fell nearly 50 feet last night at X Games 13. In a crowd shocker, after lying there for almost 5 minutes, Brown got up and walked it off.

I’ve been at events like these for years and one thing I’ve learned from extreme action sports people is they don’t like having medics on the course. I remember doing an event in Santa Monica in 2001 when someone riding BMX face planted into a pile of dirt and shredded their face. They refused medical attention until they were off of the run. Afterwards he told me “it’s not good for the group” to have medics on the dirt. You’ve gotta respect these riders (whether it be MOTO, BMX or Skate) as they are intense in everything they do and there is serious respect for each other. It’s great to see.

Don’t have any video yet of the fall but EXPN is the best play to get more info. No doubt videos will begin appearing on YouTube by this afternoon. Send me a link if you’ve got one. Check here for more of our X Games 13 coverage.

Either way though, falling sucks. You may be fine now but make sure you’re taking care of your health to avoid problems later. Our story on Beyonce falling at a concert goes into that in more detail.

LA Getting Spicy Hot with X Games 13

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today, LAX stands for Los Angeles X Games 2007 and not Los Angeles International Airport. Fans are rolling into town here in Los Angeles and Carson and practice runs for most events are over for the day. People flying past Carson may be wondering is that a plane? No, it was a Moto X rider performing a double backflip!

There has already been some reports of injuries with BMX Rock Star Chad Kagy winding up with a fractured collarbone and a few other riders moving slowly due to various aches and pains. That won’t stop most as these guys ride hard and they have plenty of time to be sore next week. The drop in from the ramp at the Staples Center is HUGE!!!

Some people to watch are Super Moto legend Chad Reed in Moto X and Travis Pastrana in Rally, plus Cory Nastazio, Allan Cooke, Ryan Guettler, and Ryan Nyquist in BMX. Great to see Cory (Nasty) this year!

Mike Dorausch and Cory NastazioPhoto: LAX Chiropractor, Michael Dorausch and Cory Nastazio at Big Dirt event in LA.

Check out EXPN for information about live coverage of the event and to view the X Games 2007 schedule. There’s lots of footage getting broadcasted online. We’ve got a gnarly photo to show you (Dirt Faceplant) but it probably won’t get posted until Saturday. Here is a post from yesterday X Games 13 and some Planet Chiropractic news from earlier today X Games 13 at Staples Center.

Back soon with more xgame updates!

X Games 13 Hits Los Angeles

Extreme sports participants have been arriving at LAX since the weekend and X Games 13 kicks off in Los Angeles today. BMX pros began freestyle big air practice on Tuesday, July 31 and continued with big air practice on Wednesday.

Dorausch Ryan Guettler BMXThat may look like an ordinary chiropractic adjustment to some but it’s actually a right sided pelvic pushing sacral moving tail whip preparation adjustment performed by LAX coastal chiropractor, Dr. Michael Dorausch.EXPN has a live cam set up so you can watch the BMX freestyle big air practices. Don’t have a link yet directly to the live cam but you can likely find it from the EXPN homepage.

Tuesday & Wednesday practices are over but here’s the X-Games 13 BMX schedule for the week…

Tues July 31
BMX Freestyle Big Air Practice

Wed Aug 1
BMX Freestyle Big Air Practice

Fri Aug 3
BMX Freestyle Big Air Finals 5-7 p.m.

Sat Aug 4
BMX Freestyle Vert Practice 2-3:00 p.m.
BMX Freestyle Vert Finals 4:30-5:45 p.m.

Sun Aug 5
BMX Freestyle Park Finals 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Found this Planet Chiropractic article from 2002 with a story from the Core Tour in Venice Beach California >> Core Tour 2002 – Venice Beach – Big Air & Chiropractic and here’s another one from 2001 with LA’s BMX chiropractor >> Hard Core Sport & Chiropractic

BMX Professionals Riding This Year Include: Jamie Bestwick, Corey Bohan, Allan Cooke, Ryan Guettler (in photo above), Josh Harrington, Cory Nastazio, Ryan Nyquist, Stephen Murray, Kevin Robinson, And Chad Kagy. All the best to every participant competing in this year’s X Games 13 summer edition.

Los Angeles Lakers Parade – Kobe – Shaq – Fox & Girls

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ok, so I was out of my LA Chiropractic office today but I had good reason. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their third consecutive NBA championship with a triumphant parade through a purple-and-gold sea of screaming fans. The parade basically results in all the streets around downtown Los Angeles being closed to through traffic so there is not much to do other than get outside and have some fun. And fun we had!

I took many photos this year, and yes to those who requested more photos of the Lakers Cheerleaders, we got those too. Since this was my 3rd Lakers Parade experience I thought I’d know where to be in order to get great up close photos for those of you that wanted them. My preparation paid off as first Shaquille O’Neal, followed by Rick Fox, and then Kobe Bryant, each appeared right before me.

Lakers Shaquille O'Neal 2002

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers player Shaquille O’Neal holds up 3 fingers during parade in downtown Los Angeles

Photos are not the greatest quality, as I took them with my digital camera while players and cheerleaders passed by on LA fire trucks. Still some great shots, considering the circumstances of hundreds of thousands of fans filling the streets, and me having limited time for getting photos taken.

Rick Fox Gives Thumbs Up

Rick Fox gives a Thumbs Up to the crowd

The Lakers won their third NBA championship in a row Wednesday, completing a four-game sweep over the New Jersey Nets. I have many more photos besides what got posted here. I’ll post them all to a directory online for those of you that may want to download them. Have a great weekend and congratulations Los Angeles Lakers!!!

Rick Fox Lakers Trophy

Rick Fox holds up the NBA Championship trophy for the crowd, it was a wild day in downtown Los Angeles.

Lakers Kobe Bryant Photo: Kobe Bryant on Bus

In the above photo, Kobe Bryant (like Shaq) also displays 3 fingers to the crowd. I may post the video that goes with this image. If I do I’ll update with a link here.

Lakers Cheerleaders

Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders rode atop a Los Angeles City Fire Department vehicle during the parade. One cheerleader can be seen waving to the crowd in this photo capture.