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Lucky 13 X Games Fall for Skater Jake Brown

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Big Air Skateboarder Jake Brown fell nearly 50 feet last night at X Games 13. In a crowd shocker, after lying there for almost 5 minutes, Brown got up and walked it off.

I’ve been at events like these for years and one thing I’ve learned from extreme action sports people is they don’t like having medics on the course. I remember doing an event in Santa Monica in 2001 when someone riding BMX face planted into a pile of dirt and shredded their face. They refused medical attention until they were off of the run. Afterwards he told me “it’s not good for the group” to have medics on the dirt. You’ve gotta respect these riders (whether it be MOTO, BMX or Skate) as they are intense in everything they do and there is serious respect for each other. It’s great to see.

Don’t have any video yet of the fall but EXPN is the best play to get more info. No doubt videos will begin appearing on YouTube by this afternoon. Send me a link if you’ve got one. Check here for more of our X Games 13 coverage.

Either way though, falling sucks. You may be fine now but make sure you’re taking care of your health to avoid problems later. Our story on Beyonce falling at a concert goes into that in more detail.


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