Injury Risk Prompts Medical Doctor Recall

Here’s the scoop. A recent Reuters Health news headline reads “Injury Risk Prompts Lawn Mower Recall” and states that more than 100,000 lawn-mowers are being recalled because the blades can apparently crack off and cause injury to the operator or others nearby. (reminds me of Monty Python…It’s just a flesh wound)

Oh my, there must have been a lot of injuries and deaths. Deaths – no, injuries – yes. Actually, it’s injury, as in one injury. There has been one reported injury but there have been seven reports of broken blades, according to the article.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is doing a wonderful job of protecting the public aren’t they? So what does this have to do with medical doctors? Moments after I saw the “recall” news, I noticed yet another “98,000 dead from medical error” article. I’ll tell you, I look at so many newsfeeds they all begin to blend together. It’s like reading code in the matrix. The combo stood out and I thought “Injury Risk Prompts Recall”, a great idea. So here are your headlines:

Injury Risk Prompts Medical Doctor Recall

Los Angeles (GCN News) – More than 468,000 Medical Doctors have been recalled due to risk of injury to nearby individuals, a US Consumer Safety Group reported today.

According to recent reports, as many as 98,000 US citizens are dying each year as a result of errors involving these faulty practitioners. Consumers are advised to stay far away from these death-traps until further analysis can be made, safety experts recommend.

Unfortunately, experts have stated that at this time there are no replacement MD’s available, and it has been suggested that quite possibly the entire foundation the medical establishment is built upon is at risk of collapsing. A total recall may be in order.

The safety group provided some tips to help get consumers through this difficult time:

1. Maintain Proper Balance
This involves proper diet, adequate exercise and rest, along with regular chiropractic care to ensure optimum health.

2. Share Information With Others
To insure that these errors are minimized, citizens are asked to refer friends and family members for subluxation evaluation at their local chiropractic service center. Chiropractors and staff will be standing by to assist you and will be providing educational classes to help you better understand the magnitude of the situation.

3. Take Responsibility
Citizens are advised to take responsibility for their own health until further notice. Although efforts are under way, it may be some time before the currently flawed medical system has been repaired or replaced.

Wishing you all the best of health, the Chiropractic Consumer Safety Board

And as for the lawn mowers:
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