Chiropractors Return From Panama Mission 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2008 Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide (CREW) mission to Panama has completed and was reported as another successful event. Chiropractors provided chiropractic care to an estimated 35,000 people, thanks to the assistance from numerous volunteers and the Panamanian government.

The 2008 trip took place from May 24 through May 31 and it was based centrally in Panama City. Volunteer chiropractors from around the globe participated during the weeklong event, by providing chiropractic care and education to citizens of Panama.

Chiropractors Cordero Sigafoose Lavar
photo: Chiropractors Cordero, Sigafoose, and Lavar
The 2008 mission was announced in March, leaving chiropractors and short amount of time to prepare for the trip. Chiropractors from around the globe volunteered, including those from Florida (Paula Hedglon, Armond Rossi), Dr. Diaz, and Edwin Cordero), Georgia (Dr. Marco Belizaire), New York (Dr. Penny Schwartz and Dr. London), and California (Dr. Brandon Takahashi). Chiropractors Will Brooks, Brent Easley (West Plains, MO), Matt Dillman (Kokomo, IN), and others were also in attendance. Several from the group have provided care on more than a dozen chiropractic mission trips, and there were newcomers as well.

Locations for services were all in the Panama City area, and included locations such as the Panama City bus terminal (a reported 15,000 people were adjusted at that location), IPHE school (3,000 adjusted), Lions Club gymnasium (5,000 adjusted), and the Auto Depot (10,000 adjusted).

All of the locations except for the Auto Depot, are places chiropractors had provided care in the past. The newest location was headed up by chiropractor Edwin Cordero and it proved to be a popular destination for chiropractic services.

The City of Panama provided lunch and dinner every day for the entire week. There were numerous reports of the people of Panama were extremely appreciative of chiropractors being back in the country to provide care. The Alcaldia de Panama and Panama City mayor, Juan Carlos Navarro were instrumental in assuring the mission was a success. The PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democrático) has provided strong support for people to receive chiropractic care in Panama, whenever these missions have been organized.

Many thanks to all those that volunteered and to Lina Guillen for orchestrating another successful mission trip, providing natural health care to the people of her country. @ 11:09 am | Article ID: 1214417399