The 2019 Planet Chiropractic Awards

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The nominations were made, the votes were counted, the interviews were conducted, and the winners are finally announced. I know you’ve all been hanging like a chad in suspense of who this years award winners would be. Wait no more. Here are your 2019 Planet Chiropractic Awards winners.


2019 Chiropractor of the Year – Ron Oberstein, D.C.

2019 Chiropractic Educator of the Year – Christopher Kent, D.C., J.D.

2019 Communicating Chiropractor of the Year – Tanya Reynolds, D.C.

2019 Veteran Chiropractor of the Year – Dr. Jay Holder

Making the decision to receive a chiropractic education sets one apart from the masses. It provides one the opportunity to go forth and serve those same masses, bringing them into the oneness of our being, and opening their eyes and hearts to the possibilities that become present, when one expresses life from the inside out.

These four individuals are a living expression of greatness in chiropractic, their dedication is simply amazing.

I raise my pisiform in salute!