Chiropractor Front Desk Photo Directory

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

One of my staff members is out of the office on vacation and I’ve just sat down at her computer to do some upgrades like installing FireFox and Picasa.

After doing the Picasa install the software scanned the drive for images and I discovered hundreds of photos (some almost NSFW) on the hard disk so I’ll be uploading a few over the next 3 days. With Christmas approaching I don’t think I’ll be doing much writing anyway so this is an easy way to get some new stuff online.

Here comes some photos…

Chiropractor Table Malibu Beach

Chiropractic on the Beach in Malibu
This photo was taken a few years ago while I was volunteering at the Malibu Surf Classic in California. This was on Surfrider beach and was shot not long after the sun came up. We were out there for 2 days getting surfers aligned and adjusted for the weekend competition. Besides my office, this was a nice place to be adjusting.

surfer girl malibu beach

Surfer Girl
No point in mentioning surfing and the beach without including any photos of surfers. This was on of the lucky people that got adjusted during the weekend. It was a longboard event. I always want everyone to be in the best of shape to carry those boards. Beats sitting in the office with your head leaned forward into the computer screen.

Signs on Walls

Believe in Miracles
Last photo for this post. A colorful wall in an LA chiropractic office. I like posters and it’s common to see them in many chiropractors offices. The upper signs read… Chiropractic Works… Tell Your Friends, Believe in Miracles, Keep the big things BIG and the small things small.

The 7 posters below are all related to nervous system and spinal nerve function. There is a poster on elimination/excretion, the lymphatic system, the musculoskeletal system, sympathetic and parasymathetic systems, autonomics, and general nerve pathways.