Chiropractic Christmas Trees

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There is likely not many places you’ll go this holiday season where you can find bones hanging on the Christmas tree. They may be made of plastic, but this crazy chiropractor in Los Angeles likes to decorate the chiropractic Christmas tree with little spine key chains, which get handed out to patients during the upcoming week of Christmas. It beats giving them sugary candy canes.

chiropractic Christmas tree with spinal ornamentsThe pint size models of a spinal column, complete with pelvis, are branded with the office name and phone number. They’ve been a tradition in our office for the past four years. Underneath the tree are the kinds of gifts you’d expect from your local chiropractor. We have orthopedic pillows, inflatable exercise balls, chewable vitamins, daily vitamin packs, cervical neck rolls (so you don’t have to use a towel), and even some digital cameras. You have to be at the top of Santa’s list if you’re receiving digital cameras from your neighborhood chiropractor.

Things get busy in our ADIO office this time of year but chiropractic news will likely quite down until after the New Year’s. I do know there will be some posts made to the chiropractic blogs section throughout next week, for those of you that like to get a fix of fresh content daily.

I notice there’s been a number of search queries for Christmas related content on this web site over the past two weeks so I scanned through some previous news articles to see what could be shared. There was this Twas the Night Before Christmas poem that was posted in December of 2000. It’s from a vaccine awareness advocate and it’s not the kind of holiday poem you may expect.

A year later, in December 2001, someone forwarded us this T’was A Chiropractic Christmas poem. This is a good one for the office.

Also from December of 2001 is A Christmas Wish from Dr. James Sigafoose. Back to December of 2000 and an audio presentation that’s now seven years old (man time flies) which was recorded in a small town in Pennsylvania. The article is called Christmas with Sigafoose and it includes a link to a 30 minute audio file from a holiday based patient appreciation event that was given on the day of the recording. We’ve got that audio somewhere in MP3 format, I’ve just got to locate it.

orthopedic pillows underneath the Christmas treeDecember of 2005 and chiropractic offices across the planet were hard at work to make sure Santa made it to all of his scheduled stops. Chiropractors Worldwide Help Keep Santa Going is the article which features a few chiropractors from throughout the US. With all the iPhones, Wii game systems, Xbox 360s, bicycles, model trains sets (do kids still get those?), and fire trucks built for five year olds, Santa’s going to require a very healthy spine and optimal functioning nervous system this year. Good thing he’s got lots of choices for great chiropractors that will help keep him going.

Lets not forget those fabulous and incredible Chiropractic Assistants that are changing lives. A quality chiropractic office is going to have at least one Super CA working the front desk. Lets not forget the back desk, the billing department, those that assist in adjusting rooms, massage therapists, staff that make reminder phone calls, the ones that hand filled out those hundreds of holiday cards, and numerous other tasks they manage to complete on a daily basis. I am extremely grateful for our staff and am appreciative to have them in the office.

Let’s all have a safe and happy holiday season, Merry Christmas to everyone! @ 1:03 pm | Article ID: 1198098204