A Christmas Wish

By Sigafoose

Many years ago a child was born to represent mankind as humans on earth. He was a special child that grew into a special man, who at age 33 was crucified, and died, overcame death and arose as the king of the spirit world.

The king of the world is the evil one that comes out of mans thinking, If we could learn to overcome evil by overcoming our thinking, we could change ourselves and ultimately the world.

This Christmas as you sit with your family, think about and talk about your favorite Christmas and why. Let all the children and adults share. While you are at it why not ask your people, to write down their favorite Christmas and then post the answers on the bulletin board. For those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas, ask your people to write down their favorite day and why.

Now let me ask you what was your favorite day and or practice experience this year? Tell why and what made it so special and how did you feel inside? Now lets take all these things of good cheer and wrap them up and give them away to all everyday, for the rest of next year.

After the first of the year I will post several marketing hints, and you take the ones you like best and do one of them each month for the year. Work on and accomplish changing how and what you think, and only allow constructive abundant thots and words to come from you 24/7.

I will guard my thots and words as well and we can prove to the world we are special people with a special mission, to serve God, by serving masses of people principled chiropractic each day of the year, and to share with as many colleagues as possible, whether they accept or reject you.

Make it a priority to attend all Gatherings, and as many Higher Ground events as you can. See you and your family in the biggest dream of your life. Paste pictures and photos that match your wildest dreams and put them on the fridge door or on a bulletin board for dreams. Dream of your dreams, and visions, and dare to be different, to yourself, and the world.

Be the biggest and best you can be and let no one steal your dreams. Dreams are to look at and be had and it is no ones right or place to attempt to steal them from you. Think not of lack or defeat. And remember the only people that ever failed, are those that quit.

God will provide if you allow it, depend on it, and know it.
Keep the faith, turn the crank, and testify—Walk By Faith Not By Sight.

With Deep Love And Appreciation

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