Chiropractors Worldwide Help Keep Santa Going

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Los Angeles, CA — Santa Claus is Coming to Town — Chiropractors from around the globe have teamed up in a massive effort to see that Santa Claus (and his Reindeer) are provided with Chiropractic care throughout the holiday weekend.

Santa Claus and Dr. Michael Dorausch Planet Chiropractic has contacted chiropractors all over the planet to see that Santa, his elves, and his team of reindeer have access to chiropractic care during the holidays. “Mrs. Claus contacted our global main office earlier this month” stated Dr. Michael Dorausch, founder of the independent web channel, “She wanted to make sure Santa was in the best of health this year.”

The health of Santa Claus is critical, he cannot be coming down with the flu, some sniffle, or a backache. Not to mention that Santas work is tough. During the weeks before Christmas he is making more appearances than the President. He has countless kids coming to sit on his lap, lift-twist-bend-lift. He has to stay mentally sharp as well, all night he is going over lists of paperwork, and checking them twice.

One of the great things about chiropractic care is that there are no drugs involved. No pills, no potions, no lotions, just results. You wouldn’t want Santa to be flying around the world on pain medication would you? One bad landing on a snowy roof and it’s all over. And speaking of snow, have you ever tried walking on a snow topped roof and then climbed down a chimney? Try doing it several million times in one night. Make no mistake about it, Santas health is important.

“We’ve got Santas back” stated Dr. Dorausch. “there are chiropractors all over the world that are waiting and ready to provide Santa and his team with the best chiropractic care possible. Chiropractors like Dr. Frederick Schofield of Atlas Chiropractic in Phoenix Arizona, Dr. Doug Ferguson in Elk Grove California, Dr. Dan Gambino in West Virginia, and others are on hand to provide chiropractic care to Santa Claus and his team. Some are even traveling to different parts of the globe just to make sure Santa has a chiropractor for Christmas day.”

At Doctor Doug Ferguson’s office, they have collected food and toys to help Santa provide for those less fortunate. For the past month anyone who brought in 12 cans of food and a new toy received their first visit for free. They have also been collecting coats to help keep the kids warm. When Santa drops by they will load everything onto his sleigh using good body mechanics and making sure no one lifts anything too heavy. They will also weigh Santa’s toy bag and make suggestions about the best way to go down chimneys so as not to injure his back. They will check Santa’s neck for subluxations because a lot of little kids have been pulling on his beard to see if it’s real. If he needs an adjustment, Dr. Doug Ferguson will give him his best adjustment of the year!

Dr. Dan Gambino has set up a special cell phone number for Santa to call when he is in the area. Santa will call and Dr. Dan will respond! He has only moments to deliver Santa his much needed chiropractic adjustment. Santa once stated, “I count on Dr. Dan when I’m in West Virginia because I pick up a majority of my coal from the mines there, and my back really needs it.” Says Dr. Gambino, “When Santa calls, I drop everything and rush to the office to get him tuned up and return him to his ‘jolly’ state. Santa is quite an imposing figure, too. Fortunately, my special tables are able to accommodate larger-than-life individuals. Santa is so quiet, he is able to fly in, get adjusted and leave like the down of a thistle. I can really appreciate Santa’s efficiency. He is the ultimate multi-tasker,” continues, Dr. Gambino. “These adjustments are so lively and so quick, they really turn the life back on in old St. Nick. Its an honor to be selected to take care of the Big Guy, and I look forward to it every year.”

So there you have it folks. Santa Claus is coming to town and your local chiropractor is there to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget to get your adjustments before Christmas day, many chiropractors will be away on the weekend making sure Santa is safe and well adjusted. Happy Holidays to you all!

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Dr. Doug Ferguson practices in Elk Grove, California. His office can be reached at 916-686-5222.
Dr. Dan Gambino and the Gambino Family Chiropractic Center are in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Dr. Dan can be reached at 304 623-7800.
Dr. Michael Dorausch practices at ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles, California. His office can be reached at 310-301-4448. @ 10:20 am | Article ID: 1135102818