Chiropractors Serving Chiropractic Adjustment

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The photo of the week for today was taken at a Parker Seminars chiropractic event in Las Vegas Nevada. The photo features a chiropractor serving another. Patients frequently ask “who adjusts you?” or “do you get adjusted?” In my case, the answer is a resounding yes. Most chiropractors I know receive regular chiropractic care.

chiropractor serving chiropractorChiropractor serving Chiropractic Adjustment

In the case of this photograph, the chiropractor may only be checking the individual’s spine or demonstrating an adjustment for thoracic anteriorities. I find it interesting when I talk to other chiropractors about their schedule of chiropractic care. Those that work in offices with other chiropractors have an easy opportunity to receive care regularly.

In Los Angeles, I know several chiropractors that work as solo practitioners. We all visit the offices of other chiropractors to receive our adjustments. In my experience, I have found that going through what a patient goes through (finding parking, sitting in the reception area, lying face down waiting to be adjusted) makes for better chiropractic care. Going to the chiropractor is a huge added hidden bonus of being chiropractor.

If you are a patient or practice member of a chiropractor, asking them who adjusts them and how often they get adjusted is a great question, it keeps them on their toes. If chiropractic is about helping one function at an optimal level, and your chiropractor is not receiving regular chiropractic care, is it possible you are not getting 100% from your adjustment?

Go ahead and ask them?