Vancouver Canada Travels

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Back in July of last year, I was in Vancouver for Canada Day, along with a few days of hiking and visiting chiropractors. One of the photos from the trip appeared in my 2010 iPhone review photos and a few appeared on my Michael Dorausch blog related to beer drinking (some great microbreweries in Vancouver). I found a bunch recently still on my phone.

4wd mitsubishi delica4WD Mitsubishi Delica

I’m posting this photo of a Mitsubishi Delica four-wheel drive vehicle since I think they’re really cool. I saw a few in the Vancouver area and I only recall ever seeing one in the US. Not a common vehicle here, I guess they’re a lot more popular in Canada, and in Asia.

No idea why we don’t have these in the US market but they appeared to be a perfect camping vehicle to me. The crystal lite roof on top was a bonus. Only thing I can think of in the US that comes close to these are modified conversions of Ford vans (think they’re referred to as Sportsmobiles). I imagine they’re way more expensive than getting one of these imported four-wheel-drive camping vans. For now, I’ll stick to 4×4 adventures in my Jeep.

Granville Bridge Plaque VancouverGranville Bridge Plaque – City of Vancouver

The Granville Bridge Plaque is showing signs of weather, but the views from this point are pretty magnificent, it’s worth visiting the area on foot. We put in about 30 miles of walking around the city of Vancouver, and it was a really enjoyable experience, especially since there were so many great places to eat and drink at.

The names on the plaque are showing quite a bit of wear from the weather (especially the names in smaller fonts at the bottom) but I love finding signs like these when traveling. Thousands of cars cross that bridge daily but few people probably know who designed and supervised its construction. Bridges are just cool in general (bridges in New York City are among my favorites).

custom foot orthotics signCustom Foot Orthotics sign

I forgot the name of the district where I saw this custom foot orthotics sign in a chiropractor’s window. It was really close to where the torches were for the Olympics in Vancouver and I was in the neighborhood on Canada Day so the office was closed. I can’t recall seeing an office in the US advertising foot orthotics in the window, but I don’t doubt their existence.

Other than those two signs (I noticed later that chiropractor sign is separate) I don’t think there was anything else on the windows as far as advertising went. Looked like a clean office in a business district. I would definitely go back to visit since pretty much everything we experienced in Vancouver was lots of fun. Oh, I just remembered the neighborhood, it’s Coal Harbor. Go visit the chiropractor there before you go walking all over the city.