Photo iPhone Review 2010 Chiropractic Edition

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s been raining in Los Angeles, which has kept me indoors, so I’ve been reviewing photos taken throughout 2010. I have three different cameras I typically travel with, and after looking at photographs in December, I discovered I shot around 2000 images with my iPhone alone. I guess it’s true, chiropractors love their iPhones. Most photographs taken with a mobile device like an iPhone include location data when the image is saved as a JPEG file. I’ve talked about this quite a bit at chiropractic conferences, Internet conferences, and search engine optimization conferences. More so in 2010 than ever before. There’s nothing particularly special about the photos in this set, except they were all taken with my iPhone, and somehow related to chiropractic. Here we go…

VZ Navigator: taken in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 9, 2010 using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

Location is more important now than ever. On the weekend of January 9, I was in Las Vegas for a conference, where I was doing social media and photography for internet marketing friends. I was back the following weekend for Las Vegas Parker Seminars and an affiliate convention at the Rio. The above photo was a shot from my iPhone navigation search on a Verizon LG Voyager, while in Vegas. The phrase “find businesses near me” was entered into the phone by default. I had fun seeking out local chiropractors, using the device, something I recommend all chiropractors try when they’re traveling (discover who comes up and why).

Dunkin Donuts: Taken on January 21, 2010 in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA

What does Dunkin’ Donuts have to do with chiropractic? Nothing, except there are no Dunkin’ Donuts that I know of in California, so when I visit Life Chiropractic College, my first stop in the airport is at my favorite donut place. Notice the information below the photograph. According to geo-data, it was taken at the airport in Atlanta (I was in Marietta for LifeForce 2010), that information is accurate. I talked about the use of photographs like this in detail when speaking at New Beginnings in Long Branch New Jersey.

Super Bowl XLV Tickets: taken on February 7, 2010 in Aventura, Miami, FL

What does Super Bowl XLIV (or any other Super Bowl) have to do with chiropractic? Quite a bit. First, and perhaps most important for me personally, is that my chiropractic lifestyle has provided me opportunities like traveling to the Super Bowl. So many students and potential chiropractors ask about chiropractic salaries, but lifestyle is often not considered. Many of us make our own hours, we can travel when we want to, with an opportunity to live life to its fullest. When it comes to health and performance, nearly every chiropractor could share a story about pro athletes like players in the NFL. Emmitt Smith, John Stockton, Jerry Rice, Lance Armstrong, and many other professional sports figures come to mind.

Jtech Activator Device: taken on February 23, 2010 in Venice, CA, using an Apple iPhone 3GS.

In my home neighborhood of Venice California, this chiropractic related photograph was taken on February 23, 2010. When it comes to adjusting, there are as many different methods as there are chiropractors. Some people ask whether chiropractic technique matters, others swear that hands-on is the only way to go, with some saying only upper cervical adjustments matter, and then there’s those that prefer instrument-based adjusting. This line of thinking isn’t limited to chiropractors. Those who seek chiropractic care, also have their preferences, with some preferring hands-on, others preferring instrument only, still others preferring a combination, and those that really want to here their bones move.

Movie Filming: taken on May 1, 2010 in Culver West, Los Angeles, CA.

May 1 was a Saturday in 2010. A film crew was visiting ADIO Chiropractic Los Angeles creating footage for part of an online web series. The series is real popular, and the film crew takes their work seriously, with several getting adjusted regularly to maintain their good health. Like New York City, LA provides unique opportunities for chiropractic offices, however with growing popularity of user created video, chiropractors anywhere could have their offices featured in photo shoots, movies, web series, TV shows, commercials, and other projects.

BarCamp T-Shirt: taken on May 5, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA

Look at all the tech companies advertised on that T-shirt? Over the years, we have supported the local tech community in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other nearby cities. Geek activities are things I’m fond of, so support comes as a no-brainer, but we’ve developed some great relationships with tech folks throughout Southern California as a result. Not only does our brand continue to appear on T-shirts, we made lots of friends that have become patients, and we’ve received valuable advice from our friends in local social media and SEO communities.

Las Vegas Phonebook: taken on May 8, 2010 in South Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV.

When traveling and staying in hotels, chiropractors should always check local phone books to see what kind of advertisements are being placed. By the time I’m posting this image, it’s likely a lot more hotel establishments are not putting phonebooks in their guestrooms, but if they are, you should be taking a look. Since this photograph was taken in Las Vegas, it was expected the largest advertisements would be for personal-injury clinics.

Custom Foot Orthotics Sign: taken on July 1, 2010 in Coal Harbor, Vancouver, BC.

While visiting Vancouver Canada, I came across a chiropractic office in Coal Harbor that had this custom orthotics sign in their window. I like taking photos of chiropractic offices when traveling, and having a phone that save geographic data makes the task easier. You can get lots of ideas from visiting others chiropractic offices, and I recommend every chiropractic practitioner, and chiropractic student make it part of their regular travel plans. Discover how chiropractic is being practiced in other parts the world, you may even make new friends in the process.

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