Getting to Know Your Local DCs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Whether you’re a consumer seeking your first chiropractor, a seasoned patient seeking a new place to get your adjustments, or a chiropractor that’s looking for someone to refer a practice member to, the latest Meet a Chiropractor series from Planet Chiropractic is proving to be a great resource for learning more about individual chiropractors and how they practice.

Back in May of this year I created a post simply titled… Chiropractors. The idea was to motivate some practitioners to help themselves by being able to participate in interviews (conducted via e-mail) about the chiropractic schooling, the local community they practiced in, and miscellaneous thoughts on them being providers of natural health care.

To date there has been more than 90 responses that resulted from the weekend idea, with more than two dozen graduates of schools throughout the United States and Canada completing interviews. Our office was a bit slow in getting the first interviews published but it appears they’re now coming along more regularly.

There’s been five interviews published since June 30 and it’s our intent to deliver at least one new interview weekly for as long as we have participants. Questions in the interviews are fairly basic, as chiropractors have been asked how they went about choosing a school, where they decided to practice, what their community is like, and how would they respond to reporters when asked what it is that they do?

I find the last question an important one (regarding the reporters) as its been my experience a top story can evolve, and someone may even have a camera, or video recorder. So it’s a good idea to be prepared for interviews, and I think in a way this series is helping chiropractors become more acquainted with the process.

So far we’ve featured chiropractors from Modesto, San Clemente, Winnipeg, West Hollywood, and San Francisco. There are interviews on deck featuring chiropractors from Santa Clarita, Denver, Cincinnati, and a dozen+ other cities and locations throughout Canada, United States, and South America.

There’s been no interviews conducted with chiropractors practicing in places like Spain or Japan, but I anticipate we’ll be featuring at least a few by mid-2009. Congratulations to those that have already had their interviews published, you’ve been doing a great job!