7 Classic Photo Chiropractic Memories

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Going through some photo archives after having been off-line for the past few weeks (enjoying some summer fun in July time outdoors without a laptop) and I thought I’d post seven classics.

500-patrick-claChiropractic Leadership Alliance Booth – I’m pretty sure this image was taken in January of 2000 even though that’s a Windows 98 logo appearing on the screen. It’s part of a booth set up for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance featuring Dr. Patrick Gentempo. I estimate Dr. Gentempo has been speaking for more than two decades now in the field of chiropractic. He’s a great speaker who often times puts on a terrific and motivating presentation.


Continental Hotel, Panama – Three chiropractors standing in the lobby of the Continental Hotel in Panama City, Panama. I believe this photo was taken in October of 2000 during one of the CREW chiropractic missions to that nation. That’s Pacific Palisades chiropractor Dr. Luke Cohen, holding up the banner on the left, and Canadian Winnipeg chiropractor Danella Whittaker holding up the banner on the right. Another Canadian chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie, is pictured in the middle.

james-sigafoose-chiropractor-2000James Sigafoose at Parker – Fairly certain this is from the 2000 Parker Seminar a Las Vegas Nevada. It was an incredible chiropractic event, as so many of the Parker Seminars typically are. Chiropractor Jim Sigafoose has been speaking at chiropractic conferences and gatherings for nearly 4 decades. He is one of my all time favorite motivators in chiropractic.

chiropractors-sharon-jeffChiropractors Sharon Gorman & Jeff Ptak – More of my favorite chiropractors. This photo comes from 2001 and was taken in Southern California. Pennsylvania chiropractor Sharon Gorman presents Jeff Ptak with a commemorative plaque , in gratitude of his speaking at a West Coast Focus Chiropractic weekend.

jesus-spain-panamaGod Does the Healing – I’m not certain, but I’m fairly sure this photo was taken in 2004 during a mission trip to Panama. The chiropractor is from Spain and the adjusting was probably taking place inside someplace other than a church. Although Jesus is on the cross in the background, there were plenty of nonchurch settings inside buildings throughout Panama that featured religious symbols.

chiropractor-training-youngstersBorn to Be a Chiropractor – I’m not sure who this very young chiropractor to be is, and I don’t know who that is laying face down on the adjusting table. I do know that it’s my portable adjusting table that I had back in chiropractic college at CCCLA in Los Angeles. Photo properties say the picture was taken in May of 2002 on an Olympus C3030Z. Maybe somebody will recognize the top of the chiropractors head. Cute photo either way.

chiropractic-winning-edgeChiropractic Winning Edge – The properties on the original version of this image say February of 1999. I’m not certain of the original source, looks like something I would’ve created around that time using Photoshop or some other photo editing software. Those are runners from the Barcelona games and I don’t recall the story behind the photo. Still it looks nice though and reminds me about some ideas for making some modern-day chiropractic posters.

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