Marketing Chiropractic Practice For Sale Tips

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I came across a great advertisement listing of a Practice For Sale in Asheville NC yesterday. As I read through the ad (I’ll show it here) I was reminded about good use of granular terms but I caught a few addition things that could have been done. We’ll go over some of those tips after you look at the ad body.

practices-for-sale-0409The ad was posted to the classifieds and it wasn’t the typical, short on information, practice for sale ad.

You can see the ad here although it may not appear if content is deleted after sale of the office.

I like that the user account referred to the location practice was listed in (in this case Asheville North Carolina), and I like how details such as price, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, square footage and other features were addressed.

I’m adding some formatting to the paragraphs so the ad reads better on the page, that’s the first tip I would have suggested. Here it is…

Asheville NC Practice For Sale

Practice for sale in Asheville, NC. 1500 SF, 3 year diversified practice located in medical community across the street from the main hospital and sits beside another hospital. Practice is all-inclusive and includes a Cox flexion/distraction table, zenith 440 adjusting table fully loaded, hydro ther-massage bed, mechanical traction table and 2 Dynatron 525 E-stim units as well as a new (06) high frequency x-ray system, new processor and Quixote documentation/ billing software system. Computer software includes 2-3 desktop computers and a medical tablet for the doctors notes, no travel cards.

The building is owned and included in the all-inclusive purchase price. The building is a standalone quadraplex with 3 doctors on the other 3 sides, 2 dentists and a psychologist. The office has a very large size waiting room, reception area, storage room with built-ins, kitchen w/ mini fridge, exam/x-ray room, 4 treatment rooms with equipment mentioned above, an extra bonus room large size, that is currently storing files/x-rays/freezer, but could be used as additional adjusting room or therapy/exercise room. The doctor has their own private office equipped with small closet and personal bathroom and entrance from the parking lot.

The purchaser will own the building, but will belong to an association that manages the exterior of the building, landscaping, parking lot, picks up trash daily and manages the heating and cooling, as well as plumbing, and all utilities. The amount monthly is $541.00,however this also covers trash pick up, water, gas and your electric bill. All you pay is the mortgage of the practice and phone bills everything else is all inclusive in this upscale doctors park in downtown Asheville, NC (rated in the top 10 places to live in the past 7 years in fortune and money magazine).

The practice is located down the street from the very well-known Biltmore Estate. All insurance plans are currently open in NC and one company controls many insurance groups, so transition will be smooth for new owner. Practice utilizes all major insurance, medicare, pip, workers comp, and cash. Seller is asking $400,000.00 but willing to negotiate price and carrying costs so feel free to bring any offers. Also feel free to email any questions or concerns. Pictures available upon request.

The ad ends with a request to email or call if wanting to see pictures or get more information.

It’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of a Classified Advertisement using detailed granular information in an ad post. Far too many ad posts include barely a sentence of information. Having run classifieds online for chiropractors more than 10 years now, I do see what ads work better than others. Depending on what’s being advertised, I’d consider these factors…

Formatting: In the original ad this post isn’t formatted. It’s a lot more difficult to read as a result. If you’re using multiple sentences to describe your listing, always format the text in a way that is more appealing to the eye.

Photographs: The ad system allows for photos to be uploaded and ads including images do stand out from others. It’s probably the single biggest factor affecting whether people click or not.

No Email: Unless you want to receive more spam, I’d never advise including your email address inside the body of an ad placed in the classifieds. The contact form works fine and will keep scrapers and spammers from grabbing your email address.

Phone Number: In this case phone number was included, and for ads like this I think that’s a bonus.

Website: Far too often overlooked is the adding of a website for more information. It’s so easy to create a one page site or blog which can use a combination of photos, videos, and text in listing a practice for sale.

Video: I mentioned photos, but video is easy to do as well and can be uploaded for free. See this example where a real estate agent uses online video to show a Peterborough Chiropractic office for sale.

Something that’s easy to do (and is free) is to setup a basic page on Flickr and use it to post photos and video of the office for sale. Look at this Chiropractic Office Pennsylvania (it’s not for sale but it’s photos grouped on a site) as an example.

All in all I think the amount of detail in the post was fantastic and taking the few steps to include the information mentioned above can really make a classified ad post stand out.