Chiropractic Non-Profit in 2009 Chicago Marathon


Davenport, Iowa – This year’s Chicago Marathon will feature its’ first Chiropractic running team. Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO) is excited to announce its’ participation in the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon being held on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. As a Contributing Charity, NPCO has committed to recruiting a team of 70 runners to “run with a vision.”

2009 Chicago MarathonNPCO is currently in the process of recruiting runners for this world-renowned 26.2 mile challenge. Members of this year’s team encompass a unique background…from your avid marathon runner to practicing Chiropractors, students and patients. First-time marathon runners are also welcome! The common thread amongst the runners is their drive and passion to help NPCO reach its vision and goals of providing chiropractic care to the poor around the world.

“The Chicago Marathon is a perfect event for us to participate in because people come from literally all around the world to run and watch the race. We have the opportunity to stand up, speak out, and raise awareness for chiropractic health care in a unique way. We hope to easily exceed our $100,000 fundraising goal over the next few months with the help of generous supporters, strategic partnerships, donations and our runners,” explains NPCO President Joshua Heines.

The theme for this year’s marathon is “run with a vision,” where participants at all levels are raising money and bringing hope, in the form of chiropractic health care, to those less fortunate around the globe. NPCO believes that working together, everyone can make a difference by creating a healthier tomorrow. Involvement in this year’s marathon comes in a variety of forms: as a runner, volunteer, official partner or generous donor. Detailed information and applications can be found online at

Runners receive a personal fundraising page that can be accessed through NPCO’s website to help them achieve their goal. NPCO offers a variety of fundraising levels for those runners that want to go above-and-beyond, as well as opportunities for “official partners” of NPCO’s running team.

All monies raised will:
1. Help NPCO create and start up new clinics in under-developed countries world-wide. Through non-profit clinics, NPCO is able to provide chiropractic care to the poor.

2. Help NPCO to continue implementing various chiropractic educational programs within the surrounding communities of each clinic.

3. Raise awareness about chiropractic health care by spreading the word about NPCO and its’ mission within various communities.

Many of NPCO’s registered runners have a vision and/or story to share as to why they are participating in the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. NPCO will be featuring select runners, and their stories, in a Runner Profile on the NPCO website. First-time marathon participant, Dr. Ryan Novak is looking forward to the marathon because “it will be unlike any other sporting event I have participated in. It will have a purpose; a purpose more deeply rooted then just fulfilling my own personal goals and expectations. I have personally seen the effects Chiropractic health care has had on villages, and how hope has been brought to thousands of poor and oppressed children and families. This is the vision I am running the marathon with and the message I want to spread!”

Fellow NPCO runner, Katie Nestle, adds “I’ve wanted to run a marathon for over a year but when the time came to buckle down and train, I always had some excuse of why I couldn’t. When I heard about the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon and NPCO, I decided NO MORE EXCUSES! The feeling of running for a cause completely changed my mind set. I’m no longer running for myself but for those individuals in third world countries that are in desperate need of revolutionary chiropractic health care. It’s a great feeling and one I’ve found extremely rewarding, especially after difficult training sessions!”

Sunday, October 11th may seem like eons away, but NPCO hopes to have its’ team in training confirmed by mid-June. NPCO will also be hosting various pre and post race activities leading up to the marathon. Upcoming events and fundraisers will be posted on NPCO’s website.

NPCO is an official 501(c)3 organization founded by current Palmer Chiropractic College student, Joshua Heines, that is dedicated to providing chiropractic healthcare to individuals, families and communities living within the harsh realities of poverty around the world.

In addition to providing chiropractic health care through non-profit clinics, NPCO is implementing various chiropractic educational programs within the surrounding communities of each clinic. “It is through these educational programs that we are able to build relationships with, and teach people about chiropractic. Our goal is to make life-long, lasting improvements in the health of the communities we are working; it’s not a short term mission,” states Executive Director, Diane DaCruz.

To find out more about NPCO and how you can become involved, please visit Register as a 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon NPCO runner and run with a vision; spots are limited! Find out how you can make a difference today! @ 8:33 pm | Article ID: 1239075214