Spinal Decompression Spam is Bad for Chiropractors

by Daria Belov

There’s more to spam than that which you typically receive in your e-mail inbox. Nearly anyone hosting a blog has experienced both machine automated and manually entered spam appearing in their blog comments. This type of spam often results in numerous unnecessary hours wasted filtering out spam comments from legitimate ones.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Michael Dorausch wrote about industry e-mail spam and how it’s irresponsible as well as unprofessional. Most of what was discussed in the article, applies also to blog comment spam.

Sadly, much of the spam appearing on our chiropractic blog pages is being generated manually, and in some cases, is created by chiropractors hoping to game the system and attract links to their websites. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to attract links, but this is a poor way to go about getting them.

Some of the most recent spam appearing involves users generating bogus comments using phony e-mail addresses, not what I’d consider the most professional behavior when promoting one’s health care business.

The screenshot below shows comments that someone left about an article regarding FDA logos and spinal decompression. The user provided a phony e-mail address and dropped 4 different URLs, all focused on the subject of Spinal Decompression.

spinal decompression treated - bogus e-mail address

The public usually does not see this stuff since it’s filtered and deleted before it gets a chance to appear on one’s blog or website. The unfortunate thing was that when checking the URLs provided in the comments, all of them featured chiropractors promoting spinal decompression services. What’s even more unfortunate, is that the chiropractors featured (including those in New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles) are likely paying someone a handsome amount of money to “market” their decompression services.

I’d give all of these doctors the benefit of the doubt and assume none of them are aware their offices are being promoted via practices that involve spamming blogs and websites.

Lets hope that chiropractors (and other small-business owners) are taking the time to investigate who’s doing their marketing online and what tactics are involved when performing online link building techniques. There are some great people in the field of online marketing, and they’ll provide excellent results along with great service for small-business owners, you just have to do your homework to find the right ones.

No more comment spam please, I’d prefer to focus on more positive things, like getting adjusted and keeping my spine healthy and happy.

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