Healing Gratitude

By Sid Mouk, D.C.

To become a Healer we have to put aside our ego and put “Service to the Universe” in its place as our main objective in this life. This was one of the major teachings of Dr. Jim Parker. He discovered this after many years of very pragmatic study of Healers throughout the world. All Healers showed this quality no matter what field they worked in… Chiropractic, Energy Healing, Medicine, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, etc.

Dr. Joe (the old time DC from Chicago) is one of the most incredible Healers I’ve ever met. He gave you a feeling of “wholeness” as soon as you came into his presence. He had the ability to stay focused constantly on the positive and to consistently “eliminate the negative” in his life. So naturally, I asked him how he did this… how he was able to do away with all of the negative things of the world and to focus his attention on the loving/healing aspects of this planet. He told me that he’d found ways (over 50+ years in practice) of concentrating on the positive things in life. The most important thing he had discovered simply involved being eternally grateful for the many blessings in his life and concentrating on them the great majority of the time (thus removing the “mind interference” of negative thinking that can block the innate healing power). Over the years, he had discovered several ways of greatly enhancing his “attitude of gratitude” toward life itself.

Dr. Joe said that, first of all, he did not listen to, read, or watch radio, television, or newspaper news, since 90% of it is based on negative sensationalism these days. He said that being exposed to the daily ramblings on the news was guaranteed to cause all of us to develop a negative attitude toward life.

But his major way of staying “zeroed in” on the positive in life involved the faithful keeping of a journal, not just an ordinary journal but a “Gratitude Journal.” This was a journal dedicated to recording daily all of the things he felt gratitude for having in his life, and his thoughts and feelings about them. He said he found it very easy to do primarily because the “attitude of gratitude” is such a pleasant place to dwell in. Gratitude is a grand state in which to live because you cannot do so without feeling positive toward everything in life. Gratitude journaling is easy and nourishing to the spirit. All he did each evening was to ask himself the question “What am I grateful for today?” and begin to write. He said that as he began to write, he became amazed at all he had to be grateful for and found himself eager to express that gratitude in any and every way he could, especially in his Healing.

Dr. Joe said that he had trained himself to be grateful no matter what happened to him in life. If something unpleasant occurred, he would be grateful that it wasn’t worse (an automobile accident could have injured a person even worse than it did, a “down day” at the office could have been much worse, etc.). What a Powerful and Healing attitude!

Dr. Jim Parker recommended a method of “accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative” that I’ve found especially helpful. He suggested that we start the day with 5 to 10 Thank-You Grams (or any kind of Thank-You cards) on our desk with the intention of sending all of them out to people who have done something good or helpful for us that day. Having made an agreement with ourselves that we’ll send these out each day causes us to constantly look for good things happening in our life so that we can fulfill our promise to ourselves.

Foster Hibbard, a marvelous motivational speaker from San Francisco (and a strong backer of Chiropractic), had an excellent way of staying positive in all circumstances and keeping away from the negative aspects of life. He taught that we should call everything that happens to us in our lives “wonderful” (this was the word most often used in the Bible to describe Jesus). Calling everything in our lives “wonderful”, no matter what it is or how bad it might seem, allows our innate mind to search for reasons why it is wonderful… and, as powerful as our innate mind is, it will surely find reasons why the happening is “wonderful.” Foster has several sets of audio tapes that explain this concept in more detail. I highly recommend them.

Dr. John Demartini, a well known Chiropractic speaker and writer, has published a book called Count Your Blessings that is also excellent and highly recommended. Remember, “What we concentrate on expands!” So each day, we can choose to look for the good wherever we are. We can do this with people, with places, and with situations. This will allow the good things in our lives (and our powerful healing ability) to constantly grow.

Call it all “wonderful”!

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Dr. Sid Mouk maintains an active chiropractic practice in Baton Rouge, LA

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