Pre-Framing Subluxation

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This week we have had 3 Patients prepay for care. One prepaid for one year, another prepaid for the whole family for one year, and the last prepaid for 2 months. So many of you ask me how I get patients to prepay for their Chiropractic Care.

You have to Educate, Educate, and Educate. If they knew what you knew about Chiropractic Care, they would get adjusted once a week (at least) for the rest of their lives. The average Graduating Chiropractor pays about $120,000 in advance to get adjusted for free the rest of their lives. Most of you would accept $30,000 from any patient who wished to pay in advance for life time care. That is only 25 percent of what you paid.

What you do the first 3 days is so critical to allow the patient to understand Chiropractic enough so they can decide how much of it they want. They have to decide if they want long-term, short-term, or none at all. It is always based on personal time and money situations. Only they can decide and it is never appropriate for the doctor to decide for them.

Always tell the truth and let the patient decide. My version of Pre-Framing Subluxation I created in about 1993 and I have made several small revisions since then. I have shared it with hundreds of Chiropractors all over the world. It has doubled and tripled practices everywhere. I use it on day one and day two. I also use it every time I do a re-exam and re-xray report. It takes about 4.5 minutes if you memorize it. You will hardly ever have a patient argue over paying for x-rays ever again. And they will almost always show up on day 2 for their Report of Findings. (ROF)

(The document “Pre-Framing Subluxation” has been converted into text format as well as word format and is available below) Please take the time to memorize it at 95 percent and watch your practice take off.

Next time I will discuss and send my ROF script which uses pre-frame and teaches patients how to read their own x-rays in a group setting. If you are interested in seeing my first three days performed on video and listen to the audio many times, it is sold by SOCM for $95. Call Dr. Ray Nannis at 972-671-2225 and tell his staff you want the 3 day ROF Video/Audio Set. I assure you it is worth $995.00 or you money back. But you do have to watch it and listen to it many times for it to help.

Hope to see you in Dallas at the Intercontinental Hotel for the next Parker Seminar.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren
(Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher)

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