Chiropractic Mission to Cuba

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Thank you to Dr. Jeff Ptak and Cookie Fischer for contributing information for this article.

In June, a group of chiropractors will be heading down to Havana, Cuba for a chiropractic mission to that country which will coincide with a special education symposium.

Dr. Jeff Ptak has been invited to speak about the benefits of chiropractic care for special education kids at the Scientific Latin American Conference for Special Education Symposium. This is the 10th Annual Scientific Latin American Conference and it will be held in Havana, Cuba June 4th – 8th (M-F).

The vision for the group is to have about 20 (up to 26) chiropractors participating for this mission and symposium. If you are interested in attending this mission please contact Dr. Jeff Ptak soon. All affairs are being organized by one of his practice members who resides in middle Mexico. Family is encouraged to attend.

Among the doctors confirmed are several members of Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide. () Planet Chiropractic will have our international corespondent (that’s me) there to bring you news regarding the event. Dr. Jeff will need to know what city you will be departing from and returning to. The group will leave on Saturday June 2nd and you are free to return on Saturday June 9th.

Issues regarding passports, housing and travel will be organized by Cookie Fischer.

Cuba and the Symposium
The Cuban Center for Latin American Studies for Special Education, CELAEE is organizing it’s 10th Scientific Latin American Conference for Special Education in Havana June 4th to 8th. The conference will be open to educators, administrators, investigators, parents and others. The main theme is Special Education and its Challenges in the 21st century.

This conference will be historic as it will consolidate the work accomplished throughout the past ten years and will evaluate advances and future new alternatives in Special Education.

The event will offer work sessions and lectures presented by worldwide specialists covering many relevant topics in the field of Special Education. Visits will be organized to specialized centers including the center for autistic children.

– Basic Theory and Methodology of Special Education: Focus and Experiences
– Diagnostic and treatment of deviations in child development
– Detection, diagnostic and follow up: a dynamic and multi disciplinary focus
– Educational models of the needs of Special Education
– Curriculum design and the need for diversity
– Prevention and special education needs
– Education and diversity
– Integration of the disabled into the social labor environment: future horizons
– The family as an educational nucleus: schooling for parents
– School – Family – Community. Searching a world without barriers
– Personality and permanent formation of the teacher for the caring and needs of Special Education.

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