Our Ultimate Objective In Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

What is our ultimate objective in chiropractic? I cringe at the multitudinous answers I would inevitably get, though I completely understand why I would get so many. Indeed, my own answer to that question would have been different in nearly every one of the fifteen years I have been a chiropractor. In the last few years my answer would always have centered on Spirit, Innate. Releasing It, serving It, helping to reconnect folks to It, etc…

Today I ponder the real significance of that idea. Why is that so important? So people can feel better? So they can heal? So they can perform better? So they can reach their individual potential? So they can become whole? These are all wonderful things, vitally important things. Things that no one can influence more naturally, more easily, and more lovingly than we can. Yet I feel that we have something even greater with which to serve the world.

Lately, as I am adjusting someone, my vision is of that person becoming more of an instrument of God’s will. I see him or her striding nearer to their divine plan. I feel his or her Innate rising up, expanding, filling the room, connecting with mine, and taking control of not only their physiology but also their life. I sense that person is a giant step closer to the greatness and the unlimited power within them, and I know that person is now more loving, more connected to All, and more able to serve everyone and everything else with their gift.

I am certain that what the world needs now (besides love, sweet love) is for every being in it to become great. To step fully into their power. To know their gifts. To sing their song. To serve without strings. To become clean, hollow bones. Nothing is more important at this point in our existence than for everyone to be doing what they were created to do, in service to everyone else. And chiropractic is an incredibly simple and beautiful vehicle to help facilitate that in others, which makes it indispensable.

With this objective in mind, our responsibilities become a tad larger. We must become great ourselves. We must surrender completely to our own Innates. We must do the work to remain at a higher level of awareness than the folks for which we have been chosen to be stewards. We must be the pioneers on the road to complete faith, and lead our folks by example. My, it is so much easier to play doctor. So much easier to spout educated illusions. So much easier to rely on intellect. So much easier to treat symptoms.

I chuckle at the oft-repeated idea amongst our more “scientific” brethren that principled chiropractors are taking the easy way out and avoiding responsibility. On the contrary, what is easy is following the well-grooved medical paradigm; the path for which we have been programmed and for which the world still offers so much positive feedback. What is easy is giving people what, in their unconsciousness, they have been trained to want. What is difficult is giving them what our hearts tell us they need.

Do we continue to let the world, crazy and filled with suffering as we often say it is, to dictate our actions and our missions? Or do we become part of the solution?

If you resonate with the idea that we can change the world, take heart. If you have ever witnessed someone’s heart opened, someone’s dream fulfilled, someone’s life changed as a result of a chiropractic adjustment, hold on to that beautiful memory. And use it to motivate yourself to become great. Gandhi reminded us that we need to BE the change we wish to see in the world. So let us be love, let us be peace, let us be harmony, let us be ease, let us be chiropractic. Let us become so finely tuned that our mere presence will uplift, empower, and heal. Let us become so great and so powerful that the rest of the profession will have a new well-grooved path to follow. Let us step out of the shadows and project the light of truth into every blessed square inch of this universe. And when someone asks us what we do, let us tell him or her that we change the world in every moment, by helping to manifest God’s will. Who knows, maybe someday there will even be an insurance code for that.

Dr. Stew Bittman maintains a box practice in South Lake Tahoe, CA along his wife Hillary and daughter Ari. He has a video, “The Mission of Chiropractic” that is available for purchase through Planet Chiropractic. In this video, recorded at one of his weekly evening talks, Stew communicates the big picture of chiropractic – the ability to express our life’s full potential free from interference.

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* For our more “scientific” brethren: Stew Bittman graduated from LACC as Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. On the first set of National Boards he scored 4 perfect “800’s” out of 6 exams.

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