Telling The Congregation

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

For many, spending Sunday in church is not at all out of the ordinary. But to have Planet Chiropractic news cameras in New York City’s Times Square Church while a congregation of 3000 listens to a talk about chiropractic, that’s another story.

Sunday July 15th, 2001 – It was a full house for the Sunday afternoon service at the Times Square Church. The church is located in the heart of New York City and you could feel the love emanating out onto the street. Dr. Dean Sottile, chiropractor in Clifton, New Jersey was to be baptized on this day.

Dr. Dean Sottile(Photo: Dean Sottile, D.C. in Central Park) I arrived early along with Dean so that I could capture the experience on camera. We headed backstage toward the area that Dean would change into his baptismal garb and a gentleman coordinating the group of individuals to be baptized asked who I was. Dr. Dean simply stated, “he’s the photographer.” There were big smiles and the gentleman stated that this was the first time he had seen a professional photographer at such an event. (not that I am a professional but others seem to think so)

This isn’t just an article about the baptism of Dr. Dean Sottile, (it was very wet) this is an article about the opportunity to share the message of chiropractic. While we were backstage Dean was asked if he would witness before the congregation and of course he said yes. Although we did not speak about it I knew that there would be some preaching of the gospel of chiropractic coming from the platform and I had to head back out front to capture some photos.

Before an audience of 3000, Dean Sottile, Chiropractor, (and son of a chiropractor) told his story. He spoke of his journey, of the church, and of chiropractic. Dean let everyone know that the drugs their bodies need are already inside of them and that healing comes from the inside out.

Dr. Dean Sottile(Photo: Dean Sottile, D.C. on the super big screen) The room burst into “hallelujahs”, “amens”, and shouts of “praise Jesus.” There were these huge monitors like in a sports arena (this is no ordinary church) and Dean appeared larger then life. (although, nothing is bigger then life) Dean talked about his office, Gods Love Chiropractic, and told of the miracles that occur there. He invited everyone to come and visit.

As thousands left the church later that evening, Dean visualized them all coming in for care and being adjusted. Many folks commented on how inspirational Deans message was and some kind words were spoken from those being cared for by their chiropractors. Know you are loved.

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