Costa Rica Chiropractors Need Your Hands

Chiropractic practice in Costa Rica is growing and the chiropractors there are asking for your assistance. On a recent mission to Costa Rica, members of the C.R.E.W. had the opportunity to meet several great chiropractors practicing in the country of Costa Rica.

Reports from chiropractors in Costa Rica stated that some DCs had seen more than double the volume of their busiest days since their U.S. brothers and sisters have returned home from the trip.

I had the opportunity to spend time with some great Costa Rica DCs and have kept in contact with several of them.

Drs. Sarah Tamai and Jimmy Lee are looking for others that may want to come to their area to practice. In their words, “we are looking to find someone interested in coming to Costa Rica to gain some hands-on experience adjusting and managing an office ASAP.”

Dr. Jim has 2 associate positions available and a house/practice for sale. You can reach him via e-mail at: [email protected]

If your heading down to Costa Rica, be sure to also visit Drs. Sandra Castro and Lara Long. These are two principled wonderful DCs with a lot of passion. Their office is located at: Clinica De Salud Quiropractica
McDonald’s Plaza del Sol
700 metros sur
Edificio oficentro del Prado No 7

Take a moment to know that chiropractors all over the globe are committing their lives to excellence and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge by sharing the chiropractic philosophy of life and healing with members of their respective communities so that the world may know and experience optimum health.

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