Understanding the Big Idea

By Adam R. Tanase (Tri-6 Student, Logan College of Chiropractic)

I am becoming more and more aware of Innate’s amusing way of making me think about things. It forces me to write thoughts down when it deems appropriate. Regardless of what else needs to be done, Innate persists within me until I stop working and start listening. It’s an amazing thing, that’s for sure. But I digress… It baffles me that so many chiropractors still don’t realize the Big Idea.

Don’t get me wrong, many DCs and students understand it, live it, and share it with others each and every day of their lives. However, I’m concerned with the percentage of docs and students that are completely oblivious. Too many see the Chiropractic doctrine as somewhat of an antique, something they’d see at a flea market – Fun to admire from afar, but nothing really worth ‘buying.’ Well, I see it as the greatest investment one could ever make.

Dr. F.H. Barge recognizes how “…some of us understand our philosophical tenets, some partially understand, some try to understand, some do not care to understand, and some damn their presence and try to deny they even exist.” On the same token, Dr. E.A. Morinis states “The philosophy is kept hidden away. It has become a ‘secret doctrine.’ It is something learned, respected and revered, but little practiced.” I completely agree, though my fear is that it’s something that isn’t really being learned. Some schools have abandoned this train of thought, so much that students get scoffed at by faculty for believing in it.

To those of you still trying to understand the Big Idea: Do not give up. Listen to your innate, and keep working at it. Conveying the message to your patients can be frustrating, like trying to tell someone about a color they’ve never seen before. In time it will make complete sense to you. When that happens you will see why the rest of us have been so adamant and enthused about something so simple, and you too will be eager to share it with everyone around you.

To those of you who do not care to understand it: A piece of your practice is missing. A large portion of what you could be offering to your patients is missing, and you are depriving them of a truly amazing gift. Work for Chiropractic, don’t try to make Chiropractic work for you.

And to those select few that damn its presence, I say this to you: What is it about the Big Idea that scares you? Are you embarrassed by its simplicity? Perhaps it’s not technical enough for you? Remember, Chiropractic has made it this far because of its unblemished foundational principles. Our forefathers’ hard work and commitment to the original Chiropractic philosophy inspired others to become the special healers whose service in some way or another influenced you to choose it as well. Why deviate from that successful path?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the Chiropractic Message. The Message of Chiropractic changes you. Ignore it if you so choose, but only you are able to unlock the door that is preventing you from hearing it. Open your mind and turn the key so that you may begin to truly serve.

Occam’s Razor, also known as the principle of parsimony, applies to this great chiropractic dilemma. Loosely translated, “All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually correct.” Healing occurs from above down, inside out… Could it be any more simple?

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