Californians Opt Out of Vaccinating Children

According to today’s Nando News, record numbers of parents in Nevada County, California are opting out of vaccinating their children.

According to the article, a mother made the following statements about her unvaccinated children, “I think they are healthier for it” and I think their immune systems are stronger for it.”

The parents of these children are among a relatively large number of parents in the area who, based on personal beliefs, have chosen to exempt their children from vaccinations otherwise required by state law. The article states that in California, people can exercise that option simply by signing the back of the school immunization record. Let’s rephrase that, childhood vaccination is not mandatory in the state of California. The article further states that Californians have been able to opt out of childhood vaccination programs since the early 1970s.

According to the article, in the year 2000, California had the highest rate of personal-belief exemptions that the state has seen in 20 years. The article suggests that parents have concerns about possible links between inoculations and a range of conditions such as juvenile diabetes, asthma, attention deficit disorder and sudden infant death syndrome. Medical experts admit that all vaccines carry some risk, but only for a fraction of the population.

And those vaccine-free children mentioned at the beginning of this article… according to the mom, neither as ever had an ear infection and neither as ever seen a primary care physician.

Record numbers of parents in California county opt out of vaccinating children @ 3:21 pm | Article ID: 1007594476