Greatness is that Place You Dream About

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Any fear you experience, any feeling you have that holds you back, is based on something that happened ten or fifteen years ago. Drop it. And drop it now. But be prepared for what happens when you become the big nut. You think the world’s going to treat you well? You think you’re going to look good running around looking like David Kennedy? Mad dentist?” – Ian Grassam, Chiropractor

This is installment number five of a historically motivational talk given by chiropractor Ian Grassam in 1997. If you have not already, you may want to read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 before continuing on to read the information presented here.

Here is Ian Grassam…

You know, compared to the dental world – can you imagine him standing here talking to a thousand dentists the way he just talked to us? Hell, he’d be hung in effigy in the hallway. Burned at the stake at the front lawn. This is the price that it takes, but you see it’s lunatics like David Kennedy that change societies. It’s lunatics like David Kennedy, and BJ Palmer, and Sid Williams, and Fred Barge that change societies. These are the people who stand up and put themselves at risk. That’s the question – are you willing to put yourself at risk? Are you willing to stand up and be counted and say I disagree? Are you willing to be that different? Because that’s the price that it takes. There is a difference between success and greatness.

Great Big Tree - Bigger Than You ThinkGreatness is that place you dream about. Greatness is that place that has no limitations. Greatness is when you leave the limitations of this mortal toil. Greatness is when you live in the spirit of your vision and your dream. I don’t know too many men on this planet, or women for that matter, who are honestly living their dream. Thank god I know a few.

If you are not one of them, then get on with it. Because what you want to suck out of this life is the ultimate experience. The ultimate experience. That means you want to stand at the top of your spiritual nature and bless the planet. You want to lift the hearts and the spirits and minds of millions and millions of people in your community, and billions of people across the planet because of the things you know to be true. How many of you can remember those fleeting moments where you’ve had your dream going on and you felt what it was like to be totally free? It was fleeting. It was there for just a moment. But you knew what it was.

That’s the way you want to live 24 hours a day. Totally unencumbered by the thoughts of yesteryear. Who are you? Who are you? What did Shakespeare mean when he said “To be or not to be? That is the question.” A state of being. It’s an unlimited state in which you’re just expressing unlimited power.

Do you know who you are? Have you any idea, to be sitting here trapped in this body of flesh, with all of its limitations, and be an unlimited spirit that has the creative capability to establish the universe. That’s who you are.

You are so free, so powerful, so unlimited, you don’t have any idea. And if you don’t have a methodology on a daily basis by which to expand yourself into your potentials, then get on with it! Put something on a daily basis into your life that gives you a brief time to experience who you really are.

I know we’ve all got to climb back into these bodies every morning and live in this crazy physical world, but you don’t have to live there in your heart. You may have to live there in the flesh, but you don’t have to live there in your heart. And you can live outside of those limitations. Realize that you move this body from the outside, not from the inside. How big are you?

If it were to be known on a spiritual basis you are so powerful that you could use lightening bolts as toothpicks. That’s the kind of juice you carry. You know one skinny-ass lightening bolt starts a fire on three square yards in a forest. You can change the hearts and minds of a billion people around an entire planet. That’s your power.

Now what happens when you align yourself with the unlimited juice and power of a principle called chiropractic? At that point you take on all of its power. You take on all of its qualities. Remember what you align yourself with good or bad you become. This is the expression – this is what the world will measure you from. It will measure you by what you espouse to. If you align yourself with unlimited principle realizing that the power for life flows from above, down and inside out – and that inherent within you is the source of every answer to every possible question that this planet could every throw at you, then you become an unlimited being and the world will then treat you according to how you measure yourself. @ 3:38 pm | Article ID: 1215383958