Chiropractic Living Legend Dr. Sid Williams Turns 80

By Dr. Bob Braile, Chiropractor

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Dr. Sid Williams and his “bride” (as he calls her) Dr. Nell. On March 18th, Dr. Sid turns 80 years young. March 13th (today), is Dr. Nell Williams birthday.

Dr. Sid Williams - Marietta GeorgiaDrs. Sid and Nell have been icons in the chiropractic profession for over 50 years. Although Dr. Sid’s accomplishments are to numerous to mention here, the list is highlighted by the foundation of Life University, and the Dynamic Essentials (DE) meetings.

Life University at one time boasted a DC student enrollment of over 3000 students. Presently, under the presidency of Dr. Guy Riekeman, Life has grown to around 1300 students in the DC program and, once again, challenges Palmer as the largest school of chiropractic in the world.

The Dynamic Essential meetings have been a regular fixture in chiropractic for decades. Thousands of chiropractors have credited their success in practice to these meetings. At one time, these meetings would host over 2000 enthusiastic DCs, families, staff, and students. Today, the meetings are not quite as large in number, but the spirit and “Lasting Purpose” still remains.

In his earlier years, Dr. Sid was an athlete at Georgia Tech and is a member of their Hall of Fame. If you follow college basketball, and you happen to see a Georgia Tech basketball game on TV, look at the front row courtside seats across from the GA Tech players bench and you will catch a glimpse of the William’s enjoying the game.

Happy Birthday wishes goes out to these two chiropractic champions. Well wishers can send regards to the Williams through the DE office. Their website and info can be found at

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