You Are a Chiropractic Hero

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Patients thank chiropractors in all kinds of ways. Some show their appreciation by bringing food to the office, others bring gifts, and still many others refer friends and family so that they may also receive chiropractic care. For the chiropractor, it’s not about the receiving, but about the giving, and as I’ve said on these Planet Chiropractic pages many times since 1999, you cannot out give the giver. Ian Grassam called it service, and he said the price was becoming servant to all.

“you serve the administration, you serve the community, you serve your fellow students, you serve the patients in your clinic, you continue to serve, and serve, and serve, and serve, and serve. And pretty soon you are the master of your universe. Because if you ever chose to be master, you must be servant to all – that is the price.” – Ian Grassam, D.C.
Pow Crack Crunch Snap
Pow Crack Crunch Snap
A card was received at ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles recently, and while the individually cut letters that were hand glued to the cards outside (see above photo black-and-white scan) spelled words chiropractors don’t necessarily love to use in practice, the intention was right on and the words were fitting. The cards inside explains why.

sure are a chiropractic hero
You sure are a chiropractic hero!
While the text reads Dear Dr. Mike, this letter could apply to many chiropractors I know throughout the world. I believe it was also meant for you, yet was mailed to my office simply for efficiency. So dear chiropractor…

These may be some of the sounds you hear all day long, but you sure are a hero! I don’t know how to thank you enough for all that you’re doing for me so here is my premature Oscar speech; It is so hard to find truly good hearted people in this city, but I have found one. Thank you so much for caring about my health & well-being, & for doing the same for so many others. Thank you.
Keep being a hero, continue serving your community, never forget the price of greatness, know that adjustments can change attitudes, and live your life to its absolute fullest. @ 8:27 am | Article ID: 1314458852