How You Create Insanity in a Society

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Do you understand the enlightenment and the healing that takes place in a human being when all of a sudden they find out they can do something about their health? The absolute slavery that has occurred in the hearts and minds of people in this country has been the fact that they have been blamed for being sick and given no way to do anything about it.” Ian Grassam, Chiropractor

This is installment number four of a historically motivational talk given by chiropractor Ian Grassam in 1997. Website visitors may want to read part 1, part 2, and part 3 before continuing on to read the information presented here.

Here is Ian Grassam…

That’s how you create insanity in a society, do you understand that? When you blame them for their problems and tell them there’s no way for them to take control – they have to come to me to buy their health.

Ian Grassam - Stuart FloridaIt’s already been proven – you put two monkeys in a cage and every time one monkey screws up you belt the other one. Guess who gets ulcers? The guy that’s getting belted – he didn’t do nothing, he can’t fix it, he’s not the cause, he’s not responsible. When you take a society of people and you tell them that sickness comes from on high, and that they’re suffering because they were bad – do you remember those days? Your mother and father told ya that if you weren’t good you were going to get it – God’ll getchya – you remember those days? I was always afraid of God. Cuz I was screwin’ up regular when I was a kid.

The reality is, that’s the way you were raised. See, if you were never taught the cause of life, cause of peace, cause of joy, cause of success already dwells within you. Because like Freddy says in his lectures, he says if you encapsulate me in cocoon, hermetically seal me, and I drop dead he said I’ll still rot from the inside out because everything necessary to kill me is in me. And everything necessary to have me born again is already in me. And it’s the balance that innate creates within that human body so that it’s in a constant state of evolution and revolution mentally, physically and spiritually.

When you understand that’s what creates the dynamics of your existence. My God, do you understand that power sitting there just renewing you every day, every minute, every afternoon, every evening, every morning, every lunch, every dinner – you’re renewed, you’re rebuilt, you’re regenerated. You’re reestablished as a human being every day. Every day – you’re brand new. Mentally, physically and spiritually and ready to rock and roll and change the world we live in. But the people you have to deal with out there have no idea. No idea that they are at cause over their life. They’re victims aren’t they?

Don’t you see them every day? Woe is me, things are terrible and getting worse. There’s no chance for me I can’t fix it – waah. And then some lunatic like you walks in. You say “What the hell’s the matter with you? You don’t like it? Change it! You’re not happy with it? Move! Get something. Do something. Isn’t that the Nike commercial – just do it?

I was kidding with the students at LACC the other day, at LACC – you get up in the morning, you put on your damn Nike cap. You put on your Nike jacket, it’s got the phhtt on the back. You got your Nike phhtt on your shoes. It’s on your freakin’ tote bag – phhtt Nike. You got this symbol all over you – it’s probably in your god damn underwear. And then you can’t figure out what to do. Do it!

You’ve got a “Just Do It” symbol all over your bloody life and you can’t figure out what to do! Does that make sense? And you go out and buy things to advertise this company’s product. Phil Knight’s having a ball with you guys. He says, none of them even know what to do – and they keep buying my “Do it” symbol. You know what to do. Tell the story, tell the story, tell the story.

For who’s benefit? For your own! Because as you understand what it is you do and as you understand your purpose in life, and you keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it, what are you doing? You’re evolving your mind, you’re evolving your spirit, and evolving all the trash out of your head.

Every time you take a shower and you get up in the morning and you towel off – what are you washing off? The old you! The old body parts that are wearing out. Whatever you had for breakfast today is what – walkin’ talkin’ flesh n’ blood tomorrow, isn’t it? Provided the nerve system’s functioning properly. Well that same thing holds true in your mind. The old thoughts have to be thrown out. What do you think you’re here for? This is a weekend of a mental catharsis which you get to throw out all of the trash that has held you back for the last thirty years of your life.

It’s time to trash it, get rid of it, scrub it, clean it, flush it, whatever it takes. Get it outta there. And ask yourself the question, why is it that I am not living up to my potential which I damn well know I should be. How many of you here know you’re better than you think you are – raise your hand.

You are bigger than you think! Do you understand that – you are bigger than you think. What does that mean? It means you are bigger than your ability to think. Thinking is a very limited process. If you sit down and try to define yourself by your level of understanding you’ll never reach your potential. Because your level of understanding is based on what? The past!

Your level of understanding, everything you measure – fear, all of your anxieties, all of your limitations, based on what? The past!

If you have an unlimited future and you move in that direction, then you have an unlimited you. If you – everything you think about, every fear you have, every anxiety you experience, every tug at the inside that stops you from being all that you can be, is based on something that happened yesterday. Isn’t it? Do you know why? Because you haven’t lived tomorrow to establish the limitations of the next day – think about that. My only fears are based on the past. And yet I’m a chiropractor who lives with an unlimited future.

Any fear you experience, any feeling you have that holds you back, is based on something that happened ten or fifteen years ago. Drop it. And drop it now. But be prepared for what happens when you become the big nut. @ 9:29 pm | Article ID: 1214972963