Tellin’ The Story

By Super CA Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter

I had an awesome opportunity to do one of my favorite things this week, talk chiropractic to strangers. I set up an information booth at one of our local malls. It’s really funny to see the silly things people do when they realize it is a chiropractic booth. They start bending over holding their back, limping, pointing to their neck. They tell you the stories of people they know that have died, had a stroke, were paralyzed, etc., etc., etc., from an adjustment. I smile all the while and when they are finished reply, “Wow really, we have never experienced anything like that!” All I know is that chiropractic has changed my life and the lives of my family and continues to. I can’t imagine my life without it. “Wow, really” they say with an inquisitive eye. “Are there any questions I can answer for you?” I ask. And then it all starts their eyes start to twinkle, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. They have hope.

“I have done it all”, they say, “physio, massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, aromatherapy, exercise, drugs and nothing works. What is so different about chiropractic?”

Now because I have had a back and neck injury myself I can relay my past history to them. I too had tried it all before I was blessed to find chiropractic. Physio, massage, exercise and many, many drugs. They all gave temporary relief but didn’t get to the bottom of the problem. Chiropractic is the one thing that I have found that goes to the source of the problem. In life there are no guarantees with anything but… chiropractic as I said before has changed my life. Once the problem is located and you remove the nerve pressure through an adjustment your body can do what it was designed to do… heal.

I then tell them it is our vision to remove nerve interference in all people regardless of age, condition or financial ability to pay. We are here to help them and their family. Give them an information pamphlet about chiropractic and they leave with renewed hope. By the time I get back to the office someone I have talked to that day has already called to book their initial appointment.

We all have the power within us to tell the chiropractic truth. Sure I was scared, what if people looked at me like I was a voodoo preacher. And some of them will. But it was a great feeling to be talking to a couple of people and then have others come and stand by to listen too. You see… they all want what we have we just have to make it accessible to them. Loving, serving, giving. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I love you because you love what I love. Chiropractic is Life!
Love and hugzzzzzzzz… Super CA Lynne @ 8:27 pm | Article ID: 1046838452