Want To Be A Man of Vision?

By B. J. Palmer

How Can It Be Done?
Listen And I Will Give You The Ten Principles

1. Keep liberality in mind.
Maintain an open mind and a generous heart in all dealings
Neither be prejudiced against others nor be reluctant to assist those who need help.

2. When sinned against, keep patience in mind.

3. If a difficult job is before you, the sooner begun the better.
A task often seems more difficult in anticipation than in reality.
Putting things off loses the original impulse, enthusiasm dies.

4. Keeping humanity in mind attains high spiritual qualities.
Be more tolerant or lenient to their failings, for you once were where they are.
The higher the quality, the more inclusive is your view.
Compassion for humanity and gentleness of manner constitute real strength.

5. In assuming trust or responsibility, keep condescension in mind.
Be courteous and gracious toward “inferiors”.
What is lofty finds stability in its lowness.

6. Yield precedence to others.
If they deserve to pass you, they will and no effort of yours can stop them.
If they do not deserve to pass, they will fall back to where they belong.

7. If you have won fame, keep obscurity in mind.
Accomplishment is its own herald; it needs no boastful display.
Honestly won fame and simplicity go hand in hand.

8. When you are successful, keep humility in mind.
Those who experience success realize their short comings
He who is skilled, knows the lack of skill. He who is ignorant of skill does not realize the lack of it.
To know, and yet to think we do not know, is the highest attainment.
To know, and yet think we do know, is a disease.

9. In the midst of action, keep the end in mind.
Always hold to perfect mental concept the finished product.

10. In resigning yourself, keep EARLY in mind.
When you are no longer fit, do not let avarice or pride hold you to it.
Being unable longer to perform your duties adequately, you will betray your trust.

The man of VISION keeps these precepts in mind.

Thank you to Dr. Rick Wren for providing this piece of chiropractic history.

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