When Opportunity Meets Preparation

By Dr. Bruce A. Parker

I was always told that luck was when opportunity met preparation. The preparation part is easy, just prepare for what you want to do. But wouldn’t it take luck to meet the opportunity?

Well it is the original thought that has proven true for me, in fact there are so many parables regarding this that I can’t remember them all. “Build it and they will come,” is one that comes to mind. Another is, “when you are prepared providence moves in,” and “it seems things happen by magic.”

So then luck is not a case of happenstance in regular life, (winning the lottery is luck) it is preparation meeting opportunity. Think of times in your life that one event changed the direction you were headed. For me it was the persistence of one man that helped me decide to become a Chiropractor. That one decision has directed me for over 23 years. At that rate how many opportunities do you have to prepare for, or meet? Maybe just one will do!

Many have told me they don’t know what it is they want. If you don’t know how can you prepare. Will you ever have success? Well I don’t believe it. I think everyone has a mission talent and destiny within, they just have to be honest enough with themselves to discover it.

I never by lottery tickets, I just don’t feel lucky in those areas. While driving one day I got a feeling like I never had before. It was as strong an urge I have ever had. I could almost describe it as a voice from God telling me to buy a lottery ticket. I tried to ignore it, but the urge was intense.

At first I thought this must be it. I am going to win this thing and be on easy street the rest of my life. I stopped by the first store I passed and bought one ticket, a quick pick at that. I felt that I was on a mission from God and could not loose, so let it be totally a win by fait, let the computer pick the numbers. As I drove away, I had a feeling of knowingness within me that I had won. Then my thinking switched to the thought that I was to do something of importance with the millions that were about to be bestowed upon me. What was I supposed to do?

One of my favorite sayings is from Robert Schuller, “If you knew you could not loose, and money was no object, what would you do?” Well it was my time to answer that question, because I was about to have no money issues, I had to become accountable for my life. Was I doing what I loved, was there something better suited for me, should I go and lay on a beach for the rest of my life, and contemplate “why?” These were all good questions. Which would you choose?

I didn’t win the lottery, but in the process my life choice became very clear. I want the world to know what Chiropractic is. Everything about my daily work revolves around that mission. I am constantly preparing myself and others, for the ONE opportunity, that will arise, through either myself or a client, that will give us the opportunity to let the world know the importance of chiropractic.

Opportunities of this magnitude don’t arrive with labels on them so I never will know when the ONE will show. Therefore I must take every opportunity given to me to tell the Chiropractic story to as many people as I can.

Any patient you see could be the one, which gives your practice international notoriety. Are you telling every patient the message you want the world to know, or are you missing those opportunities?

You became a Chiropractor because you were preparing for greatness. Well today is the perfect opportunity to do something great. Tell the next patient you see the truth as to why they need to change the health habits of their entire family. Demonstrate to them how a Chiropractic lifestyle will increase their health and vitality. Just getting people out of back pain is boring. Change the direction of their lives – now that is exciting!

If I have said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, “the secret to success is to never be in business to make money (serving self), but to become obsessed with adding value to another person (serve others). You then will have everything you ever wanted, because within the laws of the universe you will be rewarded handsomely for the service you provide, because people will want to pay you for providing something they value so dearly, their health.

Although, there is a price for success. When others look at you they will probably say, “you were just lucky!”

Bruce Parker, D.C.
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