Chiropractors Going Postal

How is your mail doctor? Do you receive tons of chiropractoid junk mail pushing every known potion, lotion and outside in non chiropractic product available? What are you doing with all this mail? Thanks to the suggestions of several chiropractic warriors, we offer this suggestion… STUFF IT!

That’s right, start taking a look at the mail you receive. If there is a “no postage necessary” envelope included, stuff it with the mail you were sent (make it heavy), leave it blank, and send it back. If it’s just a postcard, leave those blank too and send them back as well.

Twenty cents may not seem like a lot, but twenty cents of postage every day submitted by thousands of chiropractors does send a statement. As one chiropractic warrior stated, “it’s just one more way to kick their asses” and it feels so good! @ 5:16 am | Article ID: 969884172